10 Reasons Why Oprah May Get Breast Cancer

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It’s not guaranteed that she will but it’s hard to walk across a field of barbed wire and not get cut. Oprah is the prototype of women who get breast cancer. These are the risk actors. Pass them along:

1) Age- Age is the biggest risk factor for death and disease in general. As we get older, cells have a reduced ability to repair damage that causes disease. The chance of death from all the major cancers increases with age. Most doctors would say this is an uncontrollable risk factor. I disagree. Time will pass, but you don’t have to settle for all the changes that happen with age. Your choice.

2) Nulliparity- This is the medical term for never going through a full term pregnancy. Full term pregnancies, before the age of 25, induce changes in breast cells that make them less likely to become cancerous. Part of this protective process is the marked increase in the uptake of iodine that happens with pregnancy and lactation. Hormonal changes associated with pregnancy “mature” breast cells, making them less cancer prone. Cancer risk is a function of how rapidly cells multiply. The faster cells multiply, the higher the cancer risk. Breast cells that have not been exposed to a full term pregnancy multiply 20 times faster than cells exposed to a full term pregnancy prior to the age of 25.

3) Obesity- Fat cells produce an estrogen called “estrone”. Estrone is 10 times weaker than “estradiol”, the more potent, natural estrogen. However, long term, unbalanced exposure to even natural estrogens increases the risk for breast cancer. Iodine supplementation and natural progesterone, along with addressing obesity are needed to prevent breast cancer. For optimal protection, a woman’s waist line should approach 30 inches.

4) African American- African American women die of breast cancer at a higher rate than white women of equal social status. The same disparity exist in prostate cancer. This may be due to the reduced ability of dark skinned people to make vitamin D from Sun light. Vitamin D3 (This “vitamin” actually turns out it is a hormone) acts in the body to turn on a gene called “p53”. The p53 gene regulates a process called “apoptosis”. This is the programmed cell suicide that damaged cells normally undergo. If the p53 gene is not functioning, cells that have become cancerous will not destroy themselves. They will multiply, become tumors and spread to other parts of the body. Vitamin D levels should be checked by your doctor. I check blood levels here in Washington State and in Texas. I have colleagues who check vitamin D levels nationwide. Without supplementation, just about everyone, regardless of race and geographic location, is low in vitamin D.

5) Hypothyroidism- Oprah has been finally diagnosed with the hypothyroidism she has had for years, if not since birth. There is a strong association between hypothyroidism and breast cancer. In general, cancer risk is increased as immune function declines. This is a major part of why cancer risk increases with age. Thyroid hormone controls immune system integrity. Thyroid hormone also helps the body get rid of excess estrogens. Thyroid hormone also improves metabolism to get rid of estrange producing fat cells.

6) Low iodine levels- I don’t know for certain that Oprah is low in iodine, but considering that over 95% of Americans are and that most doctors have no clue about iodine supplementation and breast cancer prevention, it’s a safe bet. Breast cells seem to sense that their survival is jeopardized by a low iodine environment. Breast cells in a low iodine environment start to transform themselves into cells that are more likely to survive a hostile environment either change to cancer cells. It may also be that this transformation is induced by fungal overgrowth in the area of iodine deficiency. Iodine is a potent antifungal that breast and other cells normally take advantage of for protection. With iodine deficiency, fungus can overgrow and set the stage for cancer transformation.

7) High T woman- Again, I’m making a prediction based on my extensive experience and success in treating women for hormonal imbalances. The “T” stands for testosterone. High T women don’t necessarily produce more testosterone, but they have a higher testosterone receptor count. This means that for a given amount of testosterone, they will display more testosterone driven behavior. A good predictor of a high T woman is an index finger that is shorter than the ring finger. High T women tend to be very animated in their lives. This may or may not lead to success, but high T women don’t go unnoticed. High T women tend to have a high sex drive. Oprah’s admitted teenage promiscuity was likely driven by this. High T women will continue to function well in the face of hypothyroidism. This may be because testosterone improves thyroid function. This is why, as a gender, men have fewer thyroid problems than women. The downside is that testosterone can be turned into estrogens, especially if iodine levels are low. High conversion of testosterone into estrogens, high estrogens, iodine deficiency and hypothyroidism are the “perfect storm” for breast cancer.

8) High glycemic diet-The “Nurses Health Study”(NHS) was started in 1976. Harvard’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital proctors the study. I’ve interviewed 2 of the principle investigators, Walter Willett M.D. and JoAnn Manson M.D. The study has looked at the various factors that predict disease in women. For years it was thought that American women got more breast cancer than Japanese women because of their high fat diet. The NHS has followed 127,000 nurses over the years. They have reported that fat intake, per sedges not influence breast cancer risk. Risk is tied to total calorie intake, regardless of the source, and the glycemic index(sugar content) of the diet. Oprah has an admitted food addiction:”I use food for the same reasons an addict uses drugs”.

9) Use of gynecologists- Breast cancer used to called “white woman’s disease”. Having the financial capacity for regular gynecological visits, white women were exposed to mammograms, birth control pills, and synthetic hormone substitution therapy. The gynecologist is often the primary care physician for women and they will evaluate and treat thyroid imbalances. Generally, gynecologist are worse than endocrinologists in diagnosing and treating thyroid imbalances-and endocrinologist are pretty bad at it. When women are treated at all, they are usually improperly treated. This manifests as an increased risk of breast cancer in women treated for hypothyroidism. These all increase the risk of breast cancer for women who go to gynecologists. Breast cancer incidence has dropped dramatically as women have drastically curtailed use of Premarin and mammography and synthetic estrogen levels have been reduced in birth control pills. Oprah,most likely, has used birth control pills and gets regular mammograms. Both of these risk factors are cumulative, which is to say each event stacks on top of the last one for a lifetime. The more mammograms, the higher your risk. The longer you use birth control pills, the higher your risk. She also states in her Jan issue that she is off the thyroid hormone replacement-unbelievable!

10) U.S. female-U.S. women have an increased risk for breast cancer, independent of the above factors. Many chemicals in the U.S. environment act as “xenoestrogens”. Xenoestrogens are manmade chemicals that have the effect of toxic estrogen once inside the body. These are responsible for dropping sperm counts in men and increased breast cancer risk in some U.S. hot spots (Cape Cod Mass, Puget Sound Washington, Marin County and San Francisco California, Great Lakes region, Long Island Nyman Brownsville TX). Least you project, I didn’t write this article for Oprah. Lose weight. Get your iodine and vitamin D levels checked. Request ultra sound and thermograph (combination is best) instead of mammography as screening. For suspicious areas on these test or if a lump is detected use MRI. Consider switching to organic produce to reduce exposure to chemicals. For birth control, use a progestin only pill-no synthetic estrogen, the Today Sponge or cold showers. Get rid of sugar and grains from your diet, especially refined grains. Eat more raw, dark colored fruits and vegetables, especially those in the cabbage family like purple cabbage and kale. Find a doctor who does not depend on lab test to diagnose low thyroid conditions. Don’t get old. If you are a minority-switch. If you live in the U.S.-leave. Read her thyroid story in Jan issue. I believe breast cancer is completely preventable. Caught and addressed correctly, early, I believe it is completely curable. Left unchecked, it is disfiguring, painful, and fatal.

Dr. Mitchell

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