Acai Berry Show Potential To Combat Cancer

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GenesisAcai100_Berry_juiceNo question purple has the anti fungal properties that make cyanic produce the choice for diseases of Oximation.(If antioxidant capacity was relevant,all our problems could be solved with hyperdosing vitamins C and E) I haven’t recommended any of the exotic fruit juices in the past because they were no better than cranberry and pomegranite as antigungals, at best. At worst,they were adulterated, overhyped and over priced MLM products. My personal lab and clinical testing with Acai is proving different. Its antifungal properties are more powerful than any fruit I’ve tested so far. The Acai 100 from Genesis has been the hands down winner so far. Look for a product that is 100% Acai-don’t even consider a “blend”. Don’t get anything with added sugar,grape juice or apple juice.
Have not tested the lypohylized or freeze dried products,but these processes tend to maintain some antifungal properties. The juice,however is also very high in potassium and has omega 9 oils that come from the external part of the plant. The plant has several layers of protection from fungus. Makes sense to take advantage of each. The Genesis product uses the entire berry-seed, skin and pulp. Nothing else is added. Can be purchased here at or at Whole Foods.


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