Acne is More than Skin Deep

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Acne is another problem of germ overgrowth that has become epidemic. For teens,the problem can be psychologically,and socially debilitating. Conventional therapies fail or cause more problems because they don’t address the underlying issues. I can often trace a person’s health problems back to when they received antibiotic treatment for acne. The drug Accutane has many side effects,including increasing the risk for suicide. Acne is caused by the overgrowth of a germ that is present on the skin of all humans. The key is finding out why growth takes off in a particular individual. Normally,these bacteria are kept in check by a healthy immune system. If the immune system becomes weak,its like taking all the policemen off the streets-bad guys who are already out there will take advantage of the situation. When I have kids with acne,we work as a team and we ALWAYS clear things up if they do their part. That part being to not eat foods that make acne worse. Foods that quickly turn to sugar-corn,wheat,rice,sodas,etc make the problem worse. Most importantly,I have them start following my BALi Eating Plan. This way of eating,in and of itself,helps reduce the number of bacteria and strengthens the immune system. For my part,I have them start on Iodoral,vitamin D3 5,000/day and Robynzyme. Iodoral is an iodine/iodide supplement. These are the natural elements that attach to human cells and protect them from germ overgrowth. Most Americans are iodine deficient as we do not get much of our food from sea vegetables. Vitamin D3 is actually a hormone that causes the body to produce a natural antibiotic. Robynzyme contains hydrochloric acid. This is what the stomach normally produces to sterilize the stomach every time you eat. If hydrochloric acid levels are low,this allows the overgrowth of Candida albicans,a fungus that normally lives in all humans. If it overgrows,it weakens the immune system. When this happens,the bacteria on the face or other places can easily overgrow. Initially,5 Robynzyme should be taken with each meal. Increase by 1 each meal each day until you feel a slight burn,then reduce your dose by 1. If you feel the burn with 6,then 5/meal is your dose. This basic protocol will take care of most cases of acne over time. To get rid of acne quicker,the Touch My Face Serum,vitamin C and “I Mist You” products should be used morning and nite until the acne clears. After that,it will depend on how consistent you are with the protocol of eating and supplementation. The supplements are available on my website<> or from D and S Pharmacy 806 352 5452.

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