Addressing Two Basic Types of Arthritis

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There are two basic types of arthritis (arthro=joint. Itis= inflammation). Most arthritis is classified as “wear and tear”. It’s analogous to brake wear in your car. The padding of cartilage (white on end of chicken bone) between bones gradually wears down such that bone comes in contact with bone. It starts off as morning stiffness that eases with movement (“stoved up”). This progresses to pain after long periods of sitting or navigating stairs. This type arthritis is the primary reason for knee and hip replacements.

The other primary form of arthritis is caused by inflammation–the immune system response to critter overgrowth. Rheumatoid arthritis is an example of so called “autoimmune” arthritis. As with other autoimmune conditions like Hashimotos, Crohn’s, MS, asthma, fatty liver disease, etc., if the critters attempt to hide inside a specific cell type, the immune system will attack that specific cell type only in an attempt to get rid of the critters.

It’s important to understand which of these mechanisms is the primary cause of your joint pain. You don’t want to throw water on an electrical fire. If you have degenerative osteoarthritis (O. A.), the objective is to stimulate cartilage regrowth. Early stage O. A. responds to supplements like glucosamine, hyaluronic acid and MSM. These can be oral supplements or topical creams for O. A. in hands. More advanced O. A. is now addressed using stem cell injections or platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections. The two can be combined. Veritas Medical in Lubbock offers both therapies. Amy Dunn offers stem cell injections. In my personal situation, I required an orthopedic surgeon (Wade McKenna M. D. in Southlake) to go in and remove debris prior to injecting stem cells. An MRI will guide your practitioner to the best treatment option for you.

If you have autoimmune arthritis, “capping the well” is your primary objective. The metaphor stems from the primary objective in putting out an oil well fire. By capping the well, you remove the fuel for the fire. With inflammation (Latin for “on fire”), capping the well involves killing off the critters the immune system is responding to. Big difference between A. A. and O. A. is that with autoimmune arthritis, the problem is not in the joints. The joint pain/destruction is smoke from the fire.

Addressing critter overgrowth can start with a topical “well capper” like black seed oil. Massaging in black seed oil will give temporary relief by killing critters. Once critter levels are down, the immune system will stop producing the cytokines that cause inflammation. However, this will only be a temporary fix unless you address the root cause of the critter overgrowth. This could be inadequate thyroid, inadequate hydrochloric acid, an esoteric critter as in Lyme’s, a food sensitivity or a nutrient deficiency. A Jedi Doctor trained by me will evaluate you for the root cause and address it.


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