Age & the Immune System

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Those of you my age will increasingly be offered vaccines as you go for doctor visits. Again, since we outsource most of our manufacturing jobs to cheap third world labor markets (just randomly pick up stuff in your home and look at the “Made in…” label), our economy is now based mostly on the food and drug administration. Cradle to grave, you’ll be pushed to take a drug. Should you take vaccines for flu, pneumonia, shingles, etc.? It depends.

The first bullet point in the image below declares that there are two populations, those with weak immune systems and those with strong immune systems. Immune system function declines with age, especially after age 60. If your immune system is weak, you’re more likely to get overgrowth of a critter that your immune system will over respond to. That is where your symptoms will come from, not the critter. If your immune system is weakened and you choose to do nothing about it, a vaccine may not be a bad choice. The exception is the flu vaccine. That is ALWAYS a bad choice as it offers no protection from the flu and carries considerable risk.

So, how do you know which category you’re in? First, look at what you eat. Are you eating lots of foods with critter killers – BALi Eating Plan? Or is your diet high in sugar and refined grains? If the latter is true, you’re providing fertilizer for critter overgrowth. This can be checked by asking for a hemoglobin A1c. This blood test reflects a three-month average of your blood sugar. Don’t settle for a regular blood glucose test. That is an instant snapshot compared the three-month videotape of hemoglobin A1c. If your A1c is above 5.2, you have excess blood sugar that will facilitate critter overgrowth. This critter overgrowth will cause your immune system to respond with inflammation. The critters also produce chemicals, gliotoxins, that weaken your immune system. This is why we see the fourth bullet point below, increased autoimmune conditions like rheumatoid arthritis. Inflammation is also the root cause of “heart attacks”, stroke, Alzheimer’s, reflux (heartburn), osteoporosis, and most other conditions associated with aging. These are all preventable and reversible.

The next factor to look at to assess immune system strength is your TSH. This number reflects thyroid function. Thyroid hormone is the most important hormone for overall health. This is why your doctor wants to keep you off it. Less thyroid means more drugs. Thyroid hormone is critical to proper immune system function. It also plays a critical role in maintaining normal blood sugar. As thyroid levels go down, blood sugar levels go up. Insulin levels also go up as thyroid levels go down. It’s this increase in insulin that causes the increase in weight we see with age. If your TSH is above 1.0, your thyroid hormone levels are likely too low.

Another lab value for your doctor to check is MCV. (You can have these values checked on your own, without a doctor, if you have access to an Any Lab Test Now facility. In Amarillo, it’s at 207 Westgate Parkway). MCV stands for mean corpuscular volume. It reflects the size of your red blood cells. The size of red blood cells gradually increases as your B12 levels decline. B12 levels decline due to decreased production of hydrochloric acid. Therefore, MCV is an indirect measure of your ability to produce hydrochloric acid. This is a major determinant of whether you will get critter overgrowth. Normally, you produce HCl with each meal. Also, your immune cells produce HCl to kill critters. However, HCl production is highly energy dependent. This energy comes from the combustion of sugar (glucose) in the presence of oxygen and thyroid hormone. As thyroid levels decline, so does your ability to produce hydrochloric acid. If your MCV is above 85, your B12 and other nutrient levels are likely sub-optimal and you likely have critter overgrowth due to inadequate HCl production.

If you pass the above test, you’re eating BALi, your TSH is below 1.0 and you’re producing adequate HCl, tell your doctor to stick that shot somewhere else 😁.

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