Aluminum & Vaccines

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Aluminum is a neurotoxin, i.e. it damages cells in the brain and spinal cord. This is why people don’t cook in aluminum pans anymore. In vaccines, aluminum is used as what’s called an “adjuvant”. The objective of vaccines is to get the immune system to acknowledge the presence of a foreign protein (antigen) and make antibodies to that antigen. With subsequent exposure to that antigen, viral infection, these antibodies attach specifically to the critter’s antigens and alert killer T cells to initiate an assault. Adjuvants stimulate a stronger immune response. In theory, this should result in increased antibody production.

Question should be, does Intelligent Design already have this mechanism in place such that we don’t need to inject the brains of children with a neurotoxin? The answer is “Yes”. When enteroviruses (viruses that incubate in the gut) like polio and D68 come in contact with stomach acid, they are digested and destroyed. This is why most people never know they have the polio, D68 or other enteroviruses. (There are around 68 different enteroviruses. This is why “polio” can’t be eradicated. The disease is caused not by the virus but the immune system response to an enterovirus. The “acute flaccid paralysis” that is now killing children is the exact same disease as polio. The polio vaccine makes as much sense as only locking one car door). The critter bits (antigens) of these viruses are exposed to the highest concentration of immune cells in the human body, the “gut associated lymphoid tissue”–GALT. The GALT is where 70% of your immune cells are. By Intelligent Design, the GALT is strategically located to intercept critters where they are most likely to enter–your gut. This makes eating dirt and drinking raw milk from cows or goats are most effective ways to “vaccinate” your children.

Once digested, these critter bits get exposed to the highest concentration of B cells (80%) in the human body. B cells are the immune system cells that make antibodies. This is why the production or supplementation of adequate hydrochloric acid by the stomach is sooooo critical to proper immune function.

What if the critter doesn’t enter through the gut? Many viruses get aerosolized by coughing or sneezing. These viral particles are then inhaled. If there is adequate vitamin A, viruses can’t penetrate cells in order to make copies. This makes them have to remain in the bloodstream. The bloodstream is patrolled by immune cells called “macrophages” (Macro= big. Phage = eaters). Like immunological PAC Men, macrophages gobble up viruses, bacteria and fungi. Once inside the macrophages, the critters are digested and destroyed by lysozyme (Lysis= break apart. Zyme= enzyme).

Once the critter is digested into critter bits, antigens, these foreign proteins are regurgitated back out to the cell membrane of the macrophage. The macrophage then presents the antigen to B cells for the production of antibodies 😬. Soooooo, do we need to be injecting the brains of babies with neurotoxins like aluminum and mercury? If you understand how the immune system works, the answer in ” NO!”:

Quantities of aluminum in vaccines:

  • Pneumococcal vaccine:  0.125 milligram per dose (mg/dose)
  • Diphtheria-tetanus-acellular pertussis (DTaP) vaccine:  < 0.33 to < 0.625 mg/dose
  • Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) vaccine:  0.225 mg/dose
  • Hepatitis A vaccine (Hep A):  0.225 to 0.25 mg/dose (pediatrics), 0.45 to 0.5 mg/dose (adults)
  • Hepatitis B vaccine (Hep B):  0.225 to 0.5 mg/dose (pediatrics), 0.5 mg/dose (adults)
  • Hep A/Hep B vaccine:  0.45 mg/dose
  • DTaP/inactivated polio/Hep B vaccine:  < 0.85 mg/dose
  • DTaP/inactivated polio/Hib vaccine:  0.33 mg/dose
  • Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine:  0.5 mg/dose
  • Japanese Encephalitis (JE) vaccine:  0.25 mg/dose
  • Meningococcal B vaccine:  0.25 – 0.52 mg/dose
  • Td vaccine:  < 0.53 – 1.5 mg/dose
  • Tdap vaccine:  0.33 – 0.39 mg/dose


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