Why Antibiotics Don’t Work for Chronic Ear Infections

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Why don’t antibiotics work for these kids with chronic ear infections?

“Unfortunately, all available medical treatments for otitis media with effusion such as antibiotics, antihistamines, decongestants and intranasal steroids are ineffective and have unwanted effects, and therefore cannot be recommended,” said co-author Dr. Ian Williamson from Primary Care and Population Sciences at the University of Southampton.


If the “infection” returns after a course of antibiotics, it’s not an infection and the critter is not bacteria. Our bodies are an ecosystem hosting trillions of cells, most of which are not human. Inside and out, we’re teeming with bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Some of the DNA found in humans can’t even be identified. Every breath, you breathe in more. Every meal, you introduce more.

Sooooo, why aren’t we sick more? It’s because Intelligent Design has provided us with mechanisms of critter control. Your skin, your nose hairs, enzymes in your saliva, xylitol in your mucous, cathelicidins from vitamin D3, cell membrane dead bolting from vitamin A, iodine/iodide capturing, hydrochloric acid production in your stomach, good bacteria in your gut (they thrive on hydrochloric acid. Thus, the name “acidophilus”. The “Philus” is from the Greek for “love”) thyroid hormone controlled body temperature and your immune system all contribute to your “Homeland security system”. A compromise in any of these systems can allow an invader to survive and reproduce or existing critters to overgrow.

Excess critters will cause the immune system to respond with “inflammation”- the production of a wide range of chemicals called cytokines. It’s the cytokines that cause the fever, pain, rash, chills, aches, diarrhea, and other symptoms, not the critters. Ebola can’t kill you. Your immune system response to it can. If your Homeland security system is fully functional, you survive Ebola, Zika, polio, food poisoning and most other critters.

Important to distinguish between a true infection and an overgrowth. An infection is caused by critters that normally do not live in humans. Tuberculosis is an infection. Staphylococcus, streptococcus, H. pylori, E. coli, C. diff and Candida albicans are overgrowths. They are normally in and on us all, always. Antibiotics won’t kill viruses, Candida and other fungi/yeast. These are the critters causing the majority of immune system responses labeled “infections”. Antibiotics can actually make the problem worse by killing off good bacteria in your gut. Fungi are often at the root of sinus and ear inflammation. This was discovered by ENT surgeons at the Mayo Clinic. The two are connected via a canal. This is why you can clear your ears for scuba diving by holding your nose. To address these recurrences, you must use antifungals AND you must find out what compromises in Homeland security allowed critters to overgrow. Not much good swatting flies if you leave windows open.

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