Are You Hypothyroid

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The assistant manager at Drug Emporium came up to introduce herself. It’s just reflex for me now to do a quick visual scan for evidence of hypothyroidism. She had 2 glaring ones. One is the swelling in her neck that gives the appearance she swallowed a whole doughnut. People will think this is just fat, it’s snot. The same snot that runs out of your nose when there is inflammation. The thyroid gland is a target for yeast overgrowth. When yeast invades, the immune system will go after it. The war between the yeast and your immune system is what causes the inflammation. A cardinal sign of inflammation is the skin turning red. You see this with skin rashes, acne, sunburn, and skin infections. Her neck was red also. If the neck is red and there is swelling, this indicates a thyroid condition called Hashimoto’s. I always take pictures when I see people. I compare before and afters as a way to tell both of us if I should be paid. People who don’t get good results should not be paid. I’ve compiled pictures I’ve taken over the years and put them in a book. Especially those of you who see people on a regular basis at any level of health and fitness, you should get this book and learn to recognize symptoms of low thyroid. If thyroid levels are low, people will not get well. They won’t lose weight. They will continue to go downhill. Blood testing does not accurately reveal hypothyroidism. Unfortunately, this is all most doctors will go by. This results in symptoms caused by low thyroid-high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, depression, auto immune disease and more-to be treated with drugs. This book will show you what to look for.

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