BALi Eating Plan™ II

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The BALi Eating Plan ™is not a “diet” in the sense of the short term,quick fix, fads that have failed for you in the past. The BALi Eating Plan™ is the product of over 30 years of training in martial arts,undergraduate biology/zoology,personal training,the MD/Ph.D. program at Texas Tech University School of Medicine where I was Chief Resident,4 months study of Traditional Chinese Medicine at Guangzhou University School of Medicine in China,a fellowship in cardiovascular pharmacology,the U.S. Marine Corp Officer Training program,2 certifications from the Cooper Center for Aerobics Research in Dallas,Tx under Kenneth Cooper MD,clinical associate at the Tahoma Clinic with the “father of nutritional medicine” in the U.S., Jonathan Wright MD,and 36 years of clinical practice. I started assisting people with health and weight loss after becoming a black belt in tae kwon do style karate. My instructor was Pat Burleson. Pat had a former classmate whose studio was in Memphis,TN. He would come to Ft Worth and help train Pat’s best students. And when I say “train”,I mean we were human punching bags. His name was Chuck Norris. Exercise was more the focus then and that is is what I focused on in personal training. Exercise continued to predominate the message I was taught and the message I relayed to others as the key to losing weight-“Burn more calories than you take in”. The beginning of the end of this paradigm started when I was in China. I was very physically active throughout college. My day would start with a brisk, 3 mile run around the campus of Texas Tech. We did a little exercise in the Marines too. I never had to worry about dieting and my weight was stable. I didn’t exercise near as much in China. There was no gym and no one played basketball. My only exercise was ping pong,badminton,and having a bicycle as my primary mode of transportation. Interestingly,I lost weight-effortlessly. It was just an observation at the time. Like maybe when man heard thunder rumble for the first time. You observe it but you can’t explain it. The explanation started to reveal itself after I got older, finished medical school and started putting on weight while I was an emergency room physician. My activity level was dramatically more than what it was in China as I was actively participating in triathlons. You wouldn’t look at me and call me fat,but I was putting on weight without changing what I ate while increasing my physical activity. This was the antithesis of what I had been taught. This weight gain,modest as it was,was made worse by high blood pressure that had almost kept me out of the Marines. Back then,I was able to pass the physical by just lying down and relaxing for 10 min. Now,my blood pressure was consistently high. To make matters more worse,my cholesterol and blood sugar levels were starting to rise. This was when I was a 35 year old emergency room physician. These were the risk factors we were taught in medical school that contributed to strokes and “heart attacks”(hearts don’t actually attack). The final straw for me was when I had a 37 year old,just 2 years older than me,come in with a “heart attack”. My reflex response was to do what I had been taught in medical school. I started taking a drug for high blood pressure in the class called “beta blockers”. Beta blockers interfere with thyroid function and I was unaware that my thyroid levels were low(I would learn later that being low thyroid caused high blood pressure,high cholesterol,and high blood sugar). This caused me to have side effects to such a degree that I could not stay on the drug. I was forced or revisit my experience in China. In Chinese Traditional Medicine the philosophy is that the body has self-healing properties. Physicians there would use natural ingredients found in nature to put the body back in balance. I decided to give that a trial. I had been reading about the healing benefits of adding fruits and vegetables to your diet. My plan was to start juicing. I was fortunate at the time to be presented with an alternative,a product called Juice Plus. These were fruits and vegetables in a dehydrated form that came in capsules. Taking these,I developed more of a taste for fruits and vegetables and less for double meat, cheese What-a-Burgers with fries. Just changing my diet made a big difference in my blood pressure,cholesterol and blood sugar without taking drugs! That was the “aha moment” that made me realize why I lost all that weight in China. Even though my activity decreased,I lost weight because I started eating like the Chinese ate. No cokes,no ice cream,no bread,no candy,no chips,no pancakes,no What-a-Burgers,no fries-I ate fish,fresh vegetables,fruit for dessert and drank black tea with no sugar. For weight loss and overall health,diet made a bigger impact than exercise. Through my clinical practice,personal experience,self-study and mentoring by giants in nutritional medicine like William Crook MD,Hugh Riordan MD and Jonathan Wright MD,I began to understand the true causes of obesity and most other conditions that lead to devastating conditions such as “heart attacks”,Alzheimer’s,cancer,diabetes,stroke,kidney disease,osteoporosis,etc. These are not “diseases”. They are preventable conditions,like being drunk. There are no drugs that will stop you from being drunk. You have to not abuse alcohol. There are 2 primary causes for most of the conditions people take drugs for-germ overgrowth,and over production of insulin. Germ overgrowth is different than infection in that it involves the overgrowth of germs that normally live in humans. Tuberculosis and malaria are infections. Strept throat,acne,bladder “infections” and yeast “infections” are overgrowths of germs that live in/on all of us, all the time. ,and On a good day,you have 10-20 times more germs in and on you than you have human cells. If your germ count gets to high,it turns on your immune system to cause “inflammation”. Inflammation is a literal war between your immune system and these germs. In order to combat these germs,your immune system can produce a variety of “weapons of mass destruction”. These chemicals are responsible for the fever,chills,muscle aches,diarrhea,runny nose,watery eyes,redness,pain and swelling we see when there are too many germs. It’s not the bacteria,virus or fungus that usually causes these symptoms,it’s your immune system’s response to them. This is why sometimes it’s not so wise to take drugs to suppress these symptoms. Fever,for example,helps you recover from infection faster. Diarrhea and runny noses are ways your body tries to flush out germs and toxins. True infections will produce more severe symptoms that may send you to your medicine cabinet,drug store,or doctor. The immune system’s response to germs that normally live inside you is usually milder. Your blood test,doctor exam,X-rays etc may not show anything wrong when you don’t feel normal or even feel so sick you can’t function normally. The second primary cause for medical conditions is over production of the hormone insulin. Insulin is the main hormone that makes you store fat. The more insulin you produce,the more fat you will store. Your body produces insulin in response to how much and how fast your brain thinks sugar is coming in. Fruit juice will raise blood sugar higher and faster than eating the fresh fruit. The response does not have to be from sugar,however .”Enriched white flour”(bread,buns,biscuits,pastries,muffins,bagels,cake mixes,waffles,pancakes etc) raise blood sugar more than actually eating sugar. Artificial sweeteners raise insulin because your brain,because of the sweet taste,responds as if you were eating sugar. This is why diet soda makes you fat. The BALi Eating Plan™ is scientifically designed to address these 2 primary issues. BALI stands for: Basic,Antifungal/Antioxidant,Low insulin. Basic refers to the acid/base balance required for your blood stream to keep your normal cells healthy. This is the same acid/base concept employed in growing crops,making wine,maintaining swimming pools,or keeping a fish tank. Living systems have an acid/base balance they require to grow best. The name we give to this balance is called pH. 7.0 is a neutral pH. Below 7.0 is considered acidic. Above 7.0 is considered alkaline or basic. Your blood stream should stay slightly alkaline-around 7.35-7.45. Below or above this narrow range,your body starts the process that can lead to disease if not corrected. This correction is normally done by your kidneys and lungs(not baking soda or alkaline water). What you eat/drink can push your pH one way or the other. Foods that quickly turn to sugar promote the overgrowth of germs like Candida yeast that promote acidity. This acidity is what a man feels with jock itch,a woman feels with vaginal yeast,or a baby feels with diaper rash. Candida can also overgrow internally and cause a more acid pH. By eating foods I have proven in the lab to be powerful yeast killers,you keep down yeast levels and assist your lungs and kidneys in maintaining a normal pH. These same foods are high in antioxidants that protect from oxidation. Oxidation is the damage done by chemical sparks called free radicals. Think of free radicals as sparks coming from burning wood in a fire place. Burning sugar to create energy and heat for your body is biochemically similar to creating heat and energy by burning wood in your fire place or gasoline in your car. The sparks from burning sugar are called free radicals. Like your carpet has to be protected from sparks from the fire place,normal cells must be protected from naturally occurring free radicals by antioxidants. The antioxidants come from nutrients in food and those naturally produced in the body like glutathione. The free radicals our skin is exposed to from sunlight are neutralized by good blood levels of vitamin C. Without good antioxidant levels in the skin,people develop skin cancer. The body’s biggest source of damaging free radicals comes from your immune system. Under the microscope,your immune system is more complex than our national defense system. If there are invaders,your immune system goes to war by producing its weapons of mass destruction. The fever,chills,muscle aches,runny nose,redness,swelling,diarrhea,cough etc you get are not usually due to the germ. They are brought on by chemicals used by your immune system to try to get you better,faster. This is why it’s not always smart to suppress these symptoms with drugs. The war by your immune system on germs is called inflammation ( You should look up each item that is in bold letters but this one especially). Chronic inflammation is the most significant source of free radicals in humans. Your immune cells spit out free radicals like a Marine with an M-16. As in real combat,some times the target that gets hit is unintended. Free radicals from the immune system can damage or destroy normal cells by oxidation. This is why we want to stop inflammation,or any conflict for that matter,as soon as possible. The war of inflammation winds down for the same reason other wars wind down,we subdue the enemy. If there is no enemy,there is no longer a need for the immune system or Marines to fight- inflammation stops. You can assist your immune system by one,not aiding the enemy by providing them with fuel(sugar/grains) and two,by eating foods that have powerful yeast killers. Foods that have * next to them on the BALi Eating Plan™ are ones I tested in the lab to be very potent killers of Candida yeast. The more you eat of these,the fewer free radicals your immune cells will need to produce. Herbs will be your most potent source of natural chemicals that kill yeast. Add cinnamon,garlic,turmeric,rosemary,cayenne etc to your cooking or use condiments that have these ingredients. Make food your medicine. Simply by following the BALi Eating Plan™,you’ll be able to: Effortlessly lose a ton of weight,lower blood pressure/cholesterol/blood sugar,reduce symptoms of autoimmune conditions like rheumatoid arthritis/psoriasis/eczema,reverse artery blockages,prevent conditions like Alzheimer’s/”heart attacks”/cancer and more. Even if you have an “incurable” condition,by consulting with the right doctor and following the BALi Eating Plan™,you can turn things around without drugs or surgery. In order to get the most from BALi eating, use unadulterated foods.Most of our food supply is produced for profit. This has resulted in the introduction into foods, ingredients and chemicals that would not have been found in foods grown in the Garden of Eden. At best,some of these ingredients are not directly toxic but throw your body chemistry off balance. Salt is in this category. Foods in cans or other packages will usually be highly salted. Other ingredients added to foods can make you fat even though they are “low or no calories”. Antibiotics,artificial sweeteners and MSG are in this category. Still other chemicals found in our food supply cause hormonal disruptions leading to premature puberty in girls,low sperm counts and breast growth in boys and hormone related cancers such as prostate,breast,ovarian,and uterine cancers. Follow these tips to get the most out of BALi eating: 1)Watch salt- Sodium(salt content) should be no more that 2 digits. Overloading with sodium throws off your pH,causes water retention and raises blood pressure. If you’ve ever poured salt on a slug,you see the effect of too much salt on living organisms……….so I’ve heard. 2) Track meat- When choosing products from livestock(beef,dairy,pork,chicken,eggs),choose products free of antibiotics,hormones,and other chemicals used to artificially grow food faster. Small doses of these chemicals build up in the body over time,especially in children. Look for labels like: Grass fed,organic,cage free,free range and antibiotic free on these labels. 3) Bitter sweets- Never use artificial sweeteners. These sweeteners are many times sweeter than sugar and cause you to overproduce the fat storage hormone, insulin. High fructose corn syrup falls into this category even though it starts with ingredients found in nature. It’s a chemical created in a laboratory. It does not exist in nature. This the most lethal ingredient in our food supply. Red flags to look for are: diet,zero,low calorie,no calorie and lite/light. 4) Use Gary Coleman Fruit- Fruit that is small,dark and a little bitter will have high levels of the chemicals these plants use to kill fungus. The highest concentrations will be in the peels and skins. Wash but do not peel. 5)See through plastic-Avoid food packaged in plastic or cans. BPA(bisphenol-A) is a chemical used to line food cans and make plastics. In humans and wildlife,BPA acts like the class of hormones called “estrogens”. Natural estrogens are a primary reason women usually store more fat than men. Estrogens make cells grow faster. The faster cells grow,the more likely cancer will develop. This is why there is so much caution around what women take during pregnancy when fetal cells are dividing very fast. When umbilical cord blood is tested in American women,over 200 man made chemicals are found to pollute the womb. Babies incubate in this toxic soup for around 9 months. This is why we have entire hospitals dedicated to childhood cancer. These chemicals get stored in fat. Because they have higher fat contents and their cells are rapidly multiplying,children are more affected by these chemicals. This is one reason we see so many young men with breasts and low sperm counts. Look for BPA Free on canned foods or “can” your own like my mom used to do. Use fresh or fresh frozen vegetables. Again,congratulations on choosing an eating plan for the best of your life! ROBY Mitchell MD(Dr Fitt)

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