Bitter Sweets

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My lecture at the cancer convention was on chemicals produced in plants called “glycodies”. Glycosides are compounds composed of glucose and some other chemical. Plants ingeniously manufacture these chemicals to protect themselves from the fungus that they are surrounded with. Plants do not have an immune system so they have to depend on physical(bark,peels,shells,etc) to protect themselves from fungus and other predators. Glycosides are one category of the chemicals used by plants. Certain plants will attach the sugar glucose to a “poison” to make the glycoside. The glycoside is harmless unless the sugar molecule is broken off. Fungi,because they love sugar, make an enzyme that allows them to break off the glucose molecule. This has the effect of pulling the pin on a grenade and kills the fungus. One glycoside that has become popular in medicine is amygdalin. This is a glycoside found in many different plant. Glucose is attached to cyanide to make amygdalin. When fungus takes in amygdalin,it breaks off the glucose and releases the cyaninde. This kills the fungus. Turns out that cancer cells have a sugar craving metabolism similar to fungus. Cancer cells also produse the enzyme,beta glucosidase,that “pulls the pin” and releases the cyanide from amygdalin. Normal cells do not make the enzyme so can’t be affected by amygdalin. This chemistry is taken advantage of using other plants. Curaderm is an extract from eggplant that also also contains glycosides. This formula is used to cure skin cancers. My talk was on the Easter Lilly plant which has at least 5 glycosides that killcancer cells. You don’t need to wait until you get cancer to benifit from glycosides and other potent plant antifungals. Choose bitter sweets.

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