Blood Sugar, Thyroid and Lucy & Ethyl

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This is a great way to explain type 2 diabetes. If we can find a way to help Lucy and Ethyl, we can “cure” type 2 diabetes.

The definition of type 2 diabetes is chronically elevated levels of blood sugar. The chocolate candy represents blood sugar. If candy consistenty gets past Lucy and Ethyl, that is type 2 diabetes. It should be immediately clear that the easiest, most effective way to keep chocolate candy from getting passed Lucy and Ethyl is to SLOW DOWN THE CONVEYOR BELT. This means stop flooding your system with foods that quickly turn to sugar-wheat, corn, rice, white taters and soft drinks.

The next most important intervention is to make sure both Lucy and Ethyl are present for work. If Lucy is absent, Ethyl must work harder and more candy is likely to get by. Hormonally, Lucy represents thyroid hormone and Ethyl represents insulin. These are the two hormones most responsible for pulling chocolate off your conveyor belt and preventing type 2 diabetes. Most are familiar with the role of insulin in controlling blood sugar. I’ve yet to meet the endocrinologist that is knowledgeable about the glut4 receptor mediation of thyroid hormone facilitating egress of serum glucose into cells for combustion via the Krebs Cycle. Info-maniacs should Google “glut4 receptor/thyroid hormone“.

Around age 27, thyroid hormone naturally starts to decline. In order to compensate, you produce more insulin (without Lucy, Ethyl must work harder). Insulin is the fat storage hormone. Producing more insulin will cause you to start to gaining fat around your middle around this age. Obviously, if you keep your conveyor belt at the same speed as when you were 20, some chocolate is going to get by and your blood sugar will gradually start to rise.

This gradual rise will be reflected on your blood work as gradual increases in your hemoglobin A1c. Your Hgb A1c gives a 3-month average of your blood sugar. Don’t go by your fasting blood sugar. Normally, it’s below 5.0. Above 5.2 is when we start seeing signs of type 2 diabetes. Any condition driven by inflammation is an indication that blood sugar is too high.

So, thyroid support is also critical to making sure that blood sugar is not consistently elevated. Thyroid support starts with making sure you have adequate iodine. The making of the thyroid molecule requires the amino acid tyrosine attended by 4 molecules of iodine-T= tyrosine. 4 = four molecules of iodine. Every cell in your body needs iodine or iodide similar to why your swimming pool needs chlorine, to keep critter levels down. Usually, this requires a supplement in the U. S. because we don’t get near enough iodine in our diets.

1The next level of thyroid support is to make sure you don’t have sluggish thyroid function due to inflammation. Your thyroid gland can be invaded by critters. The immune system will respond by producing chemicals called cytokines. This is the cause of inflammation. Two red flags for thyroid inflammation are redness in the area of the thyroid gland or swelling in the neck. This swelling may be as subtle as the disappearance of the notch that is normally in front of the neck or it may be quite noticeable as “tire tube” like swelling around the entire neck. Thyroid inflammation is addressed by massaging black seed oil into your thyroid gland.

Lastly, you may need a thyroid supplement. This decision is best made with a doctor that does a head to toe physical exam, an in-depth history and looks at your blood work.

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