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The Human Genome Project has allowed scientist to finger print human DNA. One of the surprising findings when they look at DNA is that most of it found in humans is not human DNA. On a good day,feeling your best,your body is host to 60 trillion plus critters-bacteria,viruses and fungi. Your body is equipped with several mechanisms Designed to keep these critters under control,similar to organic farming. Your immune system,blood sugar regulation,your body temperature from thyroid hormone,production of hydrochloric acid in your stomach,attachment of iodine to cells,natural antibiotics stimulated by vitamin D3, and formation vitamin A from carotenoids found in green/yellow/orange vegetables(If thyroid levels are low,you won’t be able to make vit A from carotenoids). If any one of these defense mechanisms become compromised,critters can gain an advantage and overgrow. The immune system responds to this overgrowth with “inflammation”-a war between your immune cells and the critters. The pictures below are various examples of inflammation in the skin/hair/nails. The MSU approach to these overgrowths is to either give a drug that blocks your immune system(steroids/inhalers) or to give a drug aimed at a specific critter(antibiotics,antifungals,anti-virals. While prescription drugs are sometimes indicated when symptoms are severe,unless the deficiency at the root of the problem is addressed, the result is a game of medical whack-a-mole-one drug for this condition,another for the next and so on. Critter overgrowth is very common in the very young and as we get past age 50. In children,thyroid function and the ability to produce hydrochloric acid can be immature. Once these systems mature,children may “grow out of” problems caused by critter overgrowth-ENT “infections”,allergies,skin conditions,digestive issues,asthma,and bed wetting are common problems caused by critter overgrowth. As we age,levels of thyroid hormone and hydrochloric acid start to decline. This is when we see the re-emergence of similar problems. With children and people over 50,its important to strengthen these natural defenses.

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