Why Your Body Needs Iodine

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Why does every cell in your body need iodine? Because your body is full of critters – always. Ever wonder why fish can live in a big toilet without getting sick? Capturing iodine is one reason. Here, you see petri dishes I plated with Candida yeast. Candida is white when it overgrows. Normally, Candida exists as single celled organisms that are what we call “symbionts”. These single cells are not mobile. They stay in the colon. They help us break down waste in the colon and get nutrients from that waste.

However, when Candida overgrows, it forms chains called “hyphae”. These hyphae are mobile and will invade other organs, especially the liver where their favorite food, carbohydrates, is stored. They will ferment the carbohydrates into alcohol and cause the immune system to respond with inflammation. This is the number one cause of liver transplants in the U.S. One thing that prevents Candida overgrowth is iodine.

The white areas in the dishes represent Candida overgrowth. You may want to rethink that morning orange juice or Cokes. Electrodine is a liquid iodine solution similar to Lugol’s. Note how it looks like an atomic bomb has been dropped on the Candida?

You can get iodine by adding seaweeds to your diet. For most of us, it’s easier to take a supplement like Iodoral or Iodorx. It’s important to take a supplement containing both iodiNe and ioDide. These are molecular siblings. Some cells prefer one over the other.



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