What Causes High Blood Pressure

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I almost didn’t get into Marine Officer Candidate School. My blood pressure was high on my entrance physical. Fortunately, the recruiter new the trick of putting me down on the couch for a few minutes. I passed second reading. As I got older (and fatter), this trick no longer worked. By age 35 my blood pressure was consistently high enough that I decided I needed to be drugged to bring it down. This was while I was still practicing conventional medicine in the emergency room. Taking care of a 37-year-old with a “heart attack” was a big wake-up call for me.

Fortunately, I developed so many serious side effects from being drugged, it made me go back to my basic biology books to try to understand how blood pressure normally stays under control without micromanagement. Embarrassingly enough, this is the what I did my Ph.D. work on in cardiovascular pharmacology at Texas Tech University School of Medicine under physiology department head P.K.T Pang. I used the arteries of rat tails to test how different mineral baths made them contract or relax. Blood pressure goes up when artery muscles contract. Blood pressure is lowered when the they relax. A mineral bath high in calcium or sodium(salt) made the arteries contract. Potassium and magnesium made them relax. I knew this from treating high blood pressure in pregnant women (pre-eclampsia) and treating migraine patients in the emergency room with I.V. magnesium.

I got off the drugs. I changed my diet to include high potassium food/drinks (beginning of BALi), addressed my thyroid deficiency and added magnesium. Now, my blood pressure is like a teenager’s.





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