What Causes High Cholesterol?

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What causes high cholesterol? It is not eggs, meat, or coconut oil.  Its sugar.  I can explain this fairly simply using the picture below.  This comes from one of my anatomy books.  This book is all about the lower intestines (Colon).  The colon is the last place your food goes before the toilet.  By the time your food gets to the colon, most of the nutrition has been absorbed upstairs by the small intestines.  Food in the colon is mostly waste.  However, there is still a bit of nutritional value.  We need a little help getting that last bit out.  That help comes from a critter that lives in all humans called “Candida yeast”.  Candida starts growing inside us shortly after birth and remains in all of us for life.  Candida is the microbial equivalent to vultures-they feed on waste matter.  Candida break down waste matter by going after sugar.  This breakdown releases other nutrients that we can absorb.  As long as Candida is kept under control, it causes no problem.

However, if Candida over grows because of low thyroid, too much sugar or antibiotics, then there can be problems-big problems.  Candida loves sugar.  And like a herd of animals, they will seek better grazing if their numbers get large.  In humans, the Fort Knox of sugar is the liver.  You see from the picture that there is a big blue blood vessel (Blue is veins, Red is arteries) that is formed from little blood vessels coming up from the colon and leading straight up to the liver-the large brown organ on the upper left (The green organ is the gall bladder).  Candida can take this direct route straight up to the liver.  The liver is where you make cholesterol, triglycerides and many other important proteins such as the ones that control blood clotting.

When Candida invades the liver, it sets off a war with the immune system.  This war is called……………?  This causes cells in the liver to produce more of what they normally produce.  So, you eat sugar, that causes yeast overgrowth, which leads to…………, which causes cholesterol to go up. If you want to lower your cholesterol/triglycerides, get off sugar and foods that quickly turn to sugar (wheat, rice and corn products). The cholesterol drugs are proving to be far too dangerous.

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