The Chemical Analysis of Black Seed Oil

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Jodi was convinced I was trying to poison her when I first started making her take black seed oil. In order to verify the purity, I sent a sample to Chemir Labs for analytics using gas chromatography and mass spectroscopy. These are technologies that “fingerprint” chemical compounds for their ingredients. I set up the first chromatography unit at the Texas Tech Department of Food and Nutrition with director Barbara Stoecker, Ph.D. 

The test confirmed that there were no chemical solvents in the product. It also showed the reason for the kerosene like flavor…terpenoids. Plants make a whole host of synergistic compounds in order to survive an environment of critters that want to eat them. These same chemicals help humans keep our critter levels down and avoid toxic inflammation.

The really powerful piece of knowledge from this is that these chemicals are aimed at fungus–the natural enemy of plants. Fungi are what we call “anaerobes”. This means they don’t need oxygen to survive. Anaerobes can survive the most toxic of environments because of this. This is how they survive in swamps and sewers. Plant chemicals have the Intelligent Design to kill anaerobes.

The cells in your body have a default survival mechanism to survive if you make your body toxic with pesticides, cigarettes, pharmaceuticals, or other toxins. Your cells can become anaerobes. This is what cancer cells are–normal cells attempting to survive a toxic environment. How do you defeat anaerobes? Don’t try re-inventing the wheel like drug companies are trying to do. Simply use what the “experts” at fighting anaerobes use.

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