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What are the best things to do if cholesterol and triglycerides have been high for a while and inflammation has spread to the liver?….liver cleanses, juicing, anything else?

Dr Fitt (Roby Mitchell, MD)- Inflammation is a literal war between your immune system cells and germ overgrowth. Your immune system is the greatest source of free radicals and other chemicals that break down your body to cause consequences we are taught in medical school to call “disease”. If cholesterol and triglycerides are high,this means there is inflammation or war in the liver. Root cause is usually overgrowth of Candida yeast that travels to the liver from the colon via a direct route called the vena cava-a large vein that connects the liver and colon-where yeast normally live and do good things. Yeast,like mushrooms, will only proliferate if the environment is right. Have you ever gone out after a rain and seen a yard full of mushrooms that sprung up overnite? Those are not from the mushroom fairy. They were always there. They just needed a growth factor to fertilize their growth. Primary growth factors for Candida yeast are: a cool body temperature,a reduction in the body’s natural defenses like hydrochloric acid and plenty of sugar. Starting around age 27,hydrochloric acid and thyroid levels start declining and body temperatures get colder. Without adequate hydrochloric acid production,you can’t keep yeast from fermenting the food you eat. If this is combined with a high sugar/grain diet,that creates an environment conducive to yeast overgrowth. The immune system responds with the war we call inflammation. If this inflammation happens in an organ that produces something,more of that something will be produced. Candida yeast invasion of the thyroid gland can cause too much thyroid hormone production-a condition called “Graves Disease”. The liver is where cholesterol and triglycerides are made. So,inflammation in the liver will be reflected by elevated cholesterol,triglycerides,and/or other products made in the liver such as CRP, liver enzymes,or blood sugar. A rise in liver enzymes is an early indicator of yeast overgrowth in the liver-even if the numbers are “normal”. If yeast ferments the sugar in the liver,alcohol will be created, resulting in a consequence called Non Alcoholic Steatohepatitis(NASH). These patients will have the exact same liver damage as an alcoholic without being an alcoholic. Cholesterol drugs are patterned after lovastatin,the antifungal chemical produced by red yeast rice. They kill yeast in the liver,thereby reducing inflammation. This lowers cholesterol but at a high price of side effects such as muscle pain,liver damage, and memory loss. A diet filled with natural antifungals like the Mediterranean Diet or my BALI Eating Plan will do the same thing without the negative side effects. Restoring thyroid levels to pre 27 year old levels further discourages yeast overgrowth. They hate a temperature of 98.6 degrees. Bottom line: Get off grains and sugar. Restore normal thyroid levels. Replace hydrochloric acid if levels are low. There is more but this is the basic game plan.

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