Coffee Beans…The Other Gary Coleman Fruit

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I’ve found my new coffee. One reason is obvious. The other reason is that’s it’s “light roast”. This seems counter to the BALi recommendation of Gary Coleman fruit. It makes sense, however, when you understand that coffee is the juice from Gary Coleman fruit, not a bean. Like cranberries, blueberries, currants, and other Gary Coleman fruit, coffee berries produce powerful antifungals to prevent fungi from gaining access to the sugary pulp inside. This is the primary defense for plants that don’t have a bark, peel, shell, husk, rind or other protective barrier.

Light/medium/dark are designations of how much processing the berries undergo during roasting. More processing destroys the antifungals that give Gary Coleman fruit a bitter taste (The “Dutching” process does the same for chocolate berries). These antifungals are also what confer the health benefits of Gary Coleman fruit. Light roast coffee berries are minimally processed and contain the highest amount of health benefits. Dark roast contains the least. Add more Gary Coleman fruit to your Bali regimen for improved health.


*Gary Coleman fruit is a Robyism that is used to describe fruits that are small, dark and bitter.


I found this product at the Cupboard Natural Foods in Denton, Texas.


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