Curing Cancer and Callouses

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You don’t have a plan for when you get diagnosed with cancer. Most people don’t. Even though your chances are about 1 in 2,a coin flip,its not something you want to think about. So,just as when you hear gun shots,you will go into MSU mode when it happens. The people who make money from cancer do not want you to think about it either. This is because at least 90% of cancer is preventable and cancer is a multi billion dollar industry. The number is higher for breast cancer which kills an average of 100 women each day.
Breast cancer does not happen all of a sudden. Cancers such as skin,lung,breast,colon and prostate develop over a number of years. As the graphic illustrates,you start with normal cells. When normal cells have to live in a toxic environment over time,they start to change in order to adapt. This change can be as benign as developing callouses due to friction,or tanning due to ultraviolet light exposure. Callouses are normal cells. Under the microscope,they have the same DNA as normal cells. Callouses are just a high number of these normal cells. The medical name for an excessive number of normal cells is “hyperplasia”. Uterine fibroids,enlarged prostate,fibrocysts in breast,and colon polyps are examples of hyperplasia. This is the first step in the transition of cells from normal to cancer. Screenings of the breasts,colon,skin,and cervix can detect these precancerous changes early when they can be easily treated or reversed. Iodine replacement reverses fibrocystic breasts. Diet changes to reverse Candida yeast overgrowth and replacing hydrochloric acid reverses polyps in the colon. Diet changes will also reverse prostate swelling. The supplement DIM will reverse precancerous changes in the cervix.
Once you stop working with your hands or start wearing gloves,callouses will revert back to normal skin. If you keep exposing skin to friction,skin may go the next step and start to crack and bleed. Similarly,if cells in your breast,lungs,colon,skin or prostate continue to be exposed to a toxic environment,the progressive changes seen below to cancer are more likely to occur. A worse case scenario is seen on the right. This condition is called “auto mastectomy”. Cancer has become so invasive that part of the breast falls off. As an emergency room doc,you see these patients come in with a foul smelling bag containing this rotting tissue. Of course,the situation is much beyond salvage by then.
How do you prevent cancer in you or a loved one? Its not rocket science. How do you prevent callouses? You stop the activity that causes them,do it much less often,or put protection on your hands. Obviously,you stop smoking and tanning. Processed meats you cut out completely or greatly restrict. Same with excess sugar and grains. Put on protection by following the BALI Eating Plan,supplementing with vitamin D3,selenium,and Iodoral/Lugol’s,and getting regular exercise.

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