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There are 2 basic forms of depression, exogenous and endogenous. Exogenous depression is cause by an external event–death, divorce, bankruptcy, etc. The depression is temporary and mollified by time and changes in circumstances. Endogenous depression is due to an inability to manufacture natural brain chemicals called “neurotransmitters”. A good analogy for this type depression is type 1 diabetes, in which the person has lost the ability to make insulin. You’d never suggest a type one diabetic had a character flaw or suggest they just “get over” having high blood sugar.

The critical intervention in endogenous depression is facilitating the ability of the brain to make its own neurotransmitters. Three key components are; thyroid hormone, hydrochloric acid and mega dosing of nutritional building blocks like magnesium, progesterone, amino acids, lithium and vitamin D3. Drugs can be lifesaving by acting as a short-term solution to boost neurotransmitter levels in severe depression. They are not a long-term solution.

Depression is like being eaten to death from the inside out. First, you think “I just don’t feel well…it’ll pass” … but it doesn’t.

Then you think, “What have I got to be sad about? Nothing.” So, you try and fake it.

Next, your limbs become heavy as though they were encased in cement. Everything becomes an overwhelming effort. So, you think “If I just eat the right thing, take the right pill, get enough sleep,” but nothing is ever enough.

Then, the pain starts. The real physical pain. Deep in your chest and no matter how deep the sobs come, it won’t abate. And everything becomes a blur: time, people, memories. And the self-hatred, shame, and guilt get stronger and stronger.

Soon, you rationalize your demise as doing everyone a favor because you’ve become a burden. You stop eating, bathing, and even though you can’t sleep, you lie in bed, listless, with your face covered by the blankets…”

Personal Experiences of Depression

By Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S.

Some of the biggest myths about depression are that it’s a character flaw, a sign of weakness, a lack of trying, a lack of will, a choice.

You just need to think differently. Remember, happiness is a choice. You just need to suck it up. Be strong! Why aren’t you trying harder? You don’t even have anything to be depressed about!

Even if people see depression as an illness, we often expect individuals to get over it quickly, like the common cold. These myths and misguided expectations only add to the stigma and perpetuate the pain of depression.

In reality, depression is an illness that shatters people emotionally, mentally and physically. There are gradients of depression — mild, moderate and severe — but it’s a serious condition that requires treatment.

Because so many people have a hard time understanding the gravity of depression, we asked different individuals with the illness to describe their experiences and share their favorite descriptions from others. Some of these individuals have recovered while others still struggle.

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