Diabetes in Asian/Indian Populations

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I noticed some years back that every doctor from India of Asian/Indian descent over age 40 had diabetes.  I noticed it first in my mother’s oncologist.  Not even close to being overweight, but had Type 2 diabetes.  Diabetes has become epidemic in cities such as Bangladesh and New Delhi.  This is in large part due to U. S. outsourcing of jobs and the influx of fast food and high fructose corn sweetened beverages.

Asian/Indians are the proverbial “canary in a coal mine” for diabetes and fatty liver disease.  Without gaining as much weight, this population will quickly develop diabetes and liver inflammation when exposed to excess sugar, especially fructose.  Fructose is not readily converted to energy like glucose, so it’s shuttled to the liver for storage.  Candida albicans loves fructose and will ferment it in the liver.  This causes the Candida overgrowth and the immune system response of inflammation which then, along with the alcohol from fermentation, causes fatty liver disease.  This is evidenced in the chart below by the higher levels of C-reactive protein (marker for inflammation) and “dyslipidemia”-the medical term for elevated cholesterol/triglycerides.

The take away is to have a higher index of suspicion in dark skinned patients in general, but especially those of Asian Indian descent.

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