Doctors Co-Opt Probiotics

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Doctors Co-opt Probiotics — Beneficial Bacteria & Probiotic Research Newsletter
There has always been cures for cancer-many of them. Most of you have not heard of them because they don’t make money for the drug companies,doctors,hospitals,and other vultures who make their living feeding off people with cancer. The media is complicit with this mercenary approach for the same reason. Fox took this video off their website because of influence from big money drug company advertisers. They don’t want you to know the truth. Its the same reason I’m vilified in the local media. Its the same reason Houston’s Dr Burzynski, who should get a Nobel prize for his natural cancer treatment,is vilified and was almost sent to prison. Its the same reason the clinic of Dr Jonathan Wright was raided by armed FDA agents to confiscate vials of vitamin B12. The same reason we were lied to about the effects of marijuana. The same reason the FDA will not allow farmers to publish health benefits of produce like cranberries and broccoli. The same reason the U.S. government subsidizes GMO,cancer causing corn instead of organic produce associated with health benefits. The same reason the U.S. government is aborting the lives of a generation of children with school lunches. Max Gerson MD presented the approach this young man used to cure his cancer to the U.S. Congress back in the 1940’s. He had cured many patients of not just cancer,but “diseases” such,heart disease, diabetes and tuberculosis. This regimen works because these are not diseases so much as they are reflections of eating a diet that makes people more vulnerable to the overgrowth of germs and the transition of normal cells into cancer cells. The U.S. government has no interest in stopping the flow of dollars generated by any corporations and drug companies are the wealthiest. The cancer industry is a wholesale/retail operation. This is why there are only “Cancer Centers” and no “Cancer Prevention Centers”. 1 in 3 Americans will get cancer. I was 1 of them. As a physician,I also chose natural therapies. Share this video with everyone you know.

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