Why Eggplant Kills Skin Cancer Cells

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Dr. Wright taught me about Curaderm and introduced me to the developer. How does it cure cancer and why does the plant make chemicals that kill cancer? Simple answer if you understand the two basic ways living cells make energy.

Human cells make energy similar to the way your car makes energy. The equation is fuel + oxygen + a spark = energy and heat. Your body stores this energy in metabolic batteries called ATP. The more ATP you can produce, the more energy you can access. Your food is turned into glucose (sugar). You breathe in oxygen. Thyroid hormone (T3) provides the spark. Because ATP is created by adding a phosphate to adenosine diphosphate (di=2) to make adenosine triphosphate (Tri=3) in the presence of oxygen, the process is called “oxidative phosphorylation” or “aerobic respiration”. For each molecule of glucose processed this way, you get 32 molecules of ATP. Cells using this process are called “aerobes”.

The other way living cells make energy is called “glycolysis” (glyco=glucose. Lysis=split or cut). The energy derived from glycolysis is simply the energy released by the breaking of chemical bonds. This is a simple way to make energy that does not require oxygen or thyroid hormone. The upside is that cells using glycolysis can survive just about any environment. This is why you find fungus/yeast/mold in most any environment from sewers to refrigerators. The downside is that for each molecule of glucose, you only get two molecules of ATP. Cells that use only glycolysis are called “anaerobes” (an=without. Aerobe=oxygen).

The biggest enemy of plants is yeast/mold/fungus. This is why crops are sprayed with chemicals. How did plants survive before Monsanto? They make their own chemicals. They make chemicals that kill anaerobes. One class of such chemicals is called “glycosides”. Glycosides combine a sugar molecule with a poison. The chemical Laetrile, found in apricot seeds, combines a sugar molecule with the poison cyanide.

Glycosides are biochemical hand grenades in that they only become deadly if the sugar is separated from the poison. Aerobes like your human cells don’t have the enzymes needed to separate the sugar from the poison. You can eat glycosides, like stevia, with no consequence. Stevia kills Candida. Anaerobes make these enzymes because they are highly dependent on sugar. They eat the glycosides, separate the sugar, activate the poison and they are killed.

Cancer cells are normal cells that, in order to survive a toxic environment, have transitioned from aerobes into anaerobes. Because of this, they make these enzymes that will activate glycosides. Eggplant contains glycosides. Sooooo, its chemicals will kill cancer cells while having no effect on surrounding normal cells!

Cool, huh?


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