From ER Doc to Dr. Fitt

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This used to be the way I practiced medicine. No secret I’m an adrenalin junkie. Back then, car wrecks, shootings, stabbings, and “heart attacks”, made my day. I was like a duck in water when soaked in blood.

Two things dampened my enthusiasm to the point of a career change that took me from $200,000/year to $16,000/year. One, was a 37-year-old patient that came in with a “heart attack”. ER docs see these all the time. Pretty routine. What got old was having to be the one to go out and give the “We did all we could….” speech to now widows with kids in tow. We were seeing “heart attacks” in younger and younger men.

The other concern was that I was 35 with “metabolic syndrome” (high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol). Metabolic syndrome predicts an increased risk for “heart attacks” and strokes. The medical literature was suggesting metabolic syndrome could be reversed with lifestyle changes. I did this along with treating myself for undiagnosed hypothyroidism, Candida overgrowth (Doug Kaufmann), and adding a few supplements.

Teaching the Weight is Over classes is nowhere near as exciting as doing cardiac massage after a thoracotomy (Failed 100% of the time). However, the rewards are much greater.

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