Five Minute Migraine Cure

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Migraine headaches were 1 of 2 things I could diagnose as people were walking into the emergency room. The other was kidney stones. Migraines cause severe, unrelenting pain that is aggravated by light and sound. One treatment I found very effective in the emergency room was I.V. magnesium. Magnesium is effective for migraines for the same reason it is effective for high blood pressure-it relaxes blood vessels. Once I discovered that progesterone also relaxes blood vessels and improves the absorption of magnesium,I started having patients apply a mix of the two to treat their migraines. This was effective 100% of the time for the worst migraines. An example of this application can be seen on You Tube under the heading “Five Minute Migraine Cure”which the title refers to. I’ve improved the formula by adding: Quercitin,B6,folate,B12,and butterbur.
Quercitin is a natural ingredient found in many fruits,especially citrus. It stabilizes specialized immune cells called mast cells”. If disrupted by allergens,mast cells release chemicals(histamines) associated with inflammation. Migraines can be triggered by allergic reactions to certain foods,chemicals,and airborne allergens. Quercitin keeps your mast cells from being disrupted and releasing inflammatory chemicals.
Butterbur is a flowering plant. Its medicinal history dates back to use by Native Americans as a treatment for headaches. Butterbur is now endorsed by the American Academy of Neurology and The American Headache Society as a treatment for migraines. Modern science has been able to isolate 2 chemicals in the root of this plant responsible for the effect-petasin and isopetasin. As stated earlier,part of the problem causing migraines is inflammation. One class of chemicals released during inflammation is “leukotrienes”. Leukotrienes cause smooth muscles to contract. The arteries in the brain,and everywhere else, are lined with smooth muscles. During a migraine,leukotrienes are being released and causing brain arteries to constrict(Release of leukotrienes in the lungs is what causes an asthma attack). Petasin and isopetasin block the release of leukotrienes. The B vitamins,folate,B12 and B6 have long been used in natural medicine for the treatment of migraines. Supposedly they help restore neurotransmitter balance that may be out of balance to cause a predisposition to migraines. Relief of pain from migraines or cluster headaches is just minutes away with OMG Headache formula.

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