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If you ask a doctor, nurse or pharmacist what causes the flu, it’s unlikely you’ll get a scientifically intelligent answer. It’s because we were not taught the basics of how the body normally stays healthy. This knowledge vacancy allows the implantation of MSU that promotes symptom management with drugs. Americans take the most drugs while having the sickest population in the western world.

This is the time of year when drugs for the flu are heavily promoted. Vaccine symptom relievers and anti-viral drugs will be the big money makers. This is because doctors are not taught the Intelligent Design model that keeps 70% of humans from ever even knowing they have a flu virus. If you understand a few simple components of the Intelligent Design model, you can keep you and yours safe from viral infections this Fall/Winter.

In the first picture, you see the steps a virus goes through to initiate the infection process. There’s attachment, replication and release of new viruses. What you don’t see is production of a viral toxin. Viruses don’t produce anything to make you sick. Viruses don’t cause the flu, measles, mumps, polio, meningitis, micro encephalopathy, etc.

What makes you sick is the immune system response to the release of millions of viral particles into the bloodstream. The immune system produces chemicals called “cytokines”. It’s the over production of cytokines or “cytokine storm” that actually causes the rash, muscle aches, fever, cough, runny nose, diarrhea, brain inflammation, etc. It’s not the Ebola virus that kills you. It’s the immune system response to the virus.

Your immune system is set up similar to our military. You have foot soldiers (immune cells) and you have weapons of mass destruction (cytokines). If your foot soldiers are weak, you depend more on weapons of mass destruction. The problem with WMDs is that they are imprecise. This means “collateral damage” and death by “friendly fire”. Excessive cytokine production can cause the sniffles or death in minutes from anaphylactic shock. Cytokines are extremely powerful.

Sooooo, how do you stay well? First line of defense is defense is similar to keeping burglars out of your home. Lock all windows and deadbolt all doors. This is done with vitamin A. “Maintaining the integrity” of tissues lining the gut, nostrils/trachea/lungs, bladder, skin and eyes prevents viruses from entering cells in the first place. If they can’t enter, they can’t make copies. If they can’t make/release copies, there’s no cytokine storm. You get chemicals to make vitamin A (carotenoids) from dark green, orange, red and yellow produce. Pumpkin soup is a great source…not pumpkin pie. The BALi Greens are loaded with carotenoids from green vegetables used to make vitamin A. If you do get a viral infection – 400,000 iu of vitamin A per day for two days will abort the infection by preventing viruses from entering into new cells.

If a burglar keeps trying to get inside your home unsuccessfully, he’s likely to be noticed at some point. This is where vitamin D comes in. The steroidal hormone called vitamin D stimulates the production of natural critter killers called “cathelicidins”. Cathelicidins destroy bacteria and viruses. They also strengthen keratinocytes. These are the skin cells that act as a barrier to critter invasions. We normally make vitamin D from Sun exposure. We get less this time of year and vitamin D levels go down. Vitamin D is not readily found in healthful food choices (mushrooms and cod liver oil. Pasteurized milk is a poor food choice) so, supplementation is recommended. I recommend lab testing to see that D levels are 70-100 as this hormone also prevents depression, cancer and bone loss. Without testing, adults can safely take 5,000 iu/day and children can take 2,000 iu/day safely. If you do get a viral illness, taking 50-100,000 iu of vitamin D for two days will boost cathelicidin levels and abort the infection.

Vitamin C is directly toxic to viruses. It also helps “deadbolt” cell membranes. Vitamin C improves the function of foot soldiers called “phagocytes”, AKA macrophages (Macro=big. Phage= eater). Macrophages patrol your bloodstream. If they encounter critters like viruses, they gobble them up and dissolve them into critter bits called “antigens”. Other immune cells (B cells) then use these antigens to make antibodies specific to that virus. This is the Intelligent Design vaccine protocol. If you do get a viral infection, use the “Vitamin C/bowel tolerance” protocol (Google) to get well faster.

Download the Passover Protocol for my complete recommendations for staying well this cold/flu season.

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(MSU is a commonly used Robyism that typically stands for “make science up” or “make sh*t up”. “Critter” is commonly used to reference Candida yeast overgrowth and inflammation.)


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