Foods that Lower Cholesterol

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Cholesterol lowering drugs have been shown to have a wide variety of serious side effects, the latest being that they cause diabetes. Diabetes leads to “heart attacks” which is what you’re trying to prevent by taking the cholesterol drugs…go figure. These drugs also cause muscle damage that can lead to severe pain and kidney damage. Transient Global Amnesia is a type of memory loss associated with these drugs. The problem was so severe in one NASA flight surgeon, he wrote a book about it – “Lipitor, Thief of Memory” by Duane Graveline MD. (It’s really great that with just a few clicks, you can fact check anything I say to see for yourself). Your doctor will write a knee jerk prescription if your blood work shows high cholesterol. Throw it in the trash. Get a copy of your blood work. First, make sure it really is high. Do this by dividing your total cholesterol by your HDL. This number should be 4.5 or less.  Today I was consulted because of “high” cholesterol. His total was 204 which shows “high” on the blood work. However, he had a very high HDL (good cholesterol) of 60. This gave him a ratio of 3.4, which is excellent.

If your ratio is above 4.5, the next thing to do is check your thyroid function. Low thyroid will lead to yeast overgrowth which causes elevated cholesterol. Check thyroid by going down the list of symptoms on my website. Blood work will show normal even when you are low thyroid. Next step is getting off or significantly reducing the sugar in your diet–soft drinks, wheat, corn, rice and white potatoes. Start adding in the foods below. If you have to keep your doctor off your back for not taking the drugs, a quick way to lower cholesterol is by eating a handful of pistachio nuts and drinking 6 oz. of Cabernet Sauvignon red wine, (Merlot, pomegranate, or Pinot Noir will work also). It takes 2 months to lower cholesterol. Purple foods are powerful yeast killers and will lower cholesterol. The onion family (chives, purple onions, shallots, garlic etc.) also lowers cholesterol by killing yeast. Avocado and coconut oil/milk have fats that kill fungus. Fish oil by supplement or eating fish lowers cholesterol and triglycerides. Dark grains like sorghum, black quinoa, black/red rice will lower cholesterol. Whole oats are great for lowering cholesterol and blood sugar. Hot chili peppers like jalapenos or habaneros lower cholesterol and blood pressure. You never have to take a drug to lower cholesterol.

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