Fountain Of Youth?

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The primary reason you should consider going BALI is what you see when you look at me. Year 58 is coming up this Sunday and I don’t look anywhere near 60. I don’t feel it either. I do Insanity with Benny Mitchell. I play basketball withDawn Meigs Corridore‘s teenagers. I hang upside down to do my “sit ups”. And I split tree stumps with Shane Bytheway‘s 13 year old. Exceptional health is no accident for a person who had high blood pressure,diabetes,high cholesterol and advanced prostate cancer.
I started making a deliberate attempt to improve my health around age 35. I was an emergency room physician with high blood pressure and diabetes-both linked to “heart attacks”. I had a 37 year old man come to the emergency room with a “heart attack”. That got my attention. After taking blood pressure pills that only made me sicker,I decided to try changing what I ate. The medical literature at the time was saying conditions like mine were related to what we ate. Eating more fruits and vegetables was found to reverse these conditions. My first thought was to get a juicer as I was seeing these late night infomercials with “The Juiceman”, Jay Kordich. While deciding which juicer to get,I was introduced to the product, Juice Plus. This was touted as “The next best thing to eating fruits and vegetables.
I started taking these and noticed positive results. Not just in my blood pressure and blood sugar but also my energy and reduced food cravings. I now understand that this was because I was getting a concentrated dose of the critter killers in fruits and vegetables. This is why fruits and vegetable help keep you healthy. You should be eating around 10 servings each day. Eating fruits and vegetables is one way to make it happen. Juicing,which I do a lot of now,is another way. Taking Juice Plus is a great option if you’re not doing the first 2.

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