How do You Get Rid of Yeast/Fungus?

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You can’t. Its every where. Its on every bite of food you eat. Its in every breath you take. The key is keeping your body in a healthy state that does not allow yeast/fungus to overgrow. It has nothing to do with eating foods that have fungus or yeast. Many of those are actually good for you. Yeast overgrowth is controlled by body temperature,how much hydrochloric acid you can produce,how much sugar/grains you eat and moisture. You see all my tomatoes were in the same bag. Why did only one get fungal overgrowth? Turns out this tomato was hypothyroid. When thyroid levels get low,your body temperature drops. Yeast like a cooler temp. When they do overgrow,they are likely to overgrow in places where you sweat-fat folds,vaginal area,male groins,between toes,behind knees,under bras,under waist bands,under skin patches. Skin irritations in these areas are usually a result of yeast overgrowth. When yeast overgrows,it weakens your immune system. This makes it more likely that you will then get a viral or bacterial infection. This is how an upper respiratory viral infection can turn into pneumonia or bronchitis. If hydrochloric acid levels are low,yeast overgrowth in the gut can facilitate overgrowth of other germs causing conditions such as,heartburn(reflux) irritable bowel,Crohn’s,celiac disease and ulcerative colitis.Good bacteria are called “acidophilous” which means “acid loving”. If hydrochloric acid levels are low,you also can’t support good bacteria which also help keep yeast under control. As yeast builds up,it can overflow into the lungs and cause asthma. Many times acne is caused by low hydrochloric acid. The immune system gets weakened enough suchthat bacteria that normally are on everyone’s face will overgrow. We’ve seen many cases of acne resolve with just Robynzyme and getting off sugar/grains.

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