High Cholesterol’s Underlying Cause

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“Fake news” is rampant in medicine. Many times it’s called “science”. Deal is, you can’t make science up (MSU) in a laboratory. The word means “knowledge”. It’s something we’ve come to understand, but the principles of science preceded man. It’s the immutable laws of Intelligent Design I refer to. Regardless of your belief system, there are universal laws in place that we don’t get to change.

For many years, it was believed that the Earth was flat and that the Sun revolved around it. These were mistakes based on perception. This often happens with man, especially in medicine. When man started looking at “heart attacks”, plaques laden with cholesterol were found in the arteries of victims. The assumption was made that elevated cholesterol caused the arteries to clog up like drain pipes. This led to prohibitions on animal products like red meat, butter and eggs. It’s MSU.

Actual science reveals that “heart attacks” are caused by the development of a blood clot in an artery that normally supplies blood and oxygen to the heart muscle. However, the blockage does not happen inside the artery where blood flows. The plaque build-up is actually in the interior walls of the arteries. It’s similar to having termites behind your wall in a home. Imagine the termites boring a hole from behind a wall into your living room. This what the process of inflammation does inside artery walls. The blot clot forms when the artery wall is breeched.

So, it turns out that cholesterol is an innocent bystander. Chronic inflammation is that actual culprit. So why do cholesterol lowering drugs work? They work because they reduce inflammation. Inflammation in the liver is what causes cholesterol levels to increase. This same process of inflammation causes plaques to build-up in arteries (same process causes strokes if it’s brain arteries).

The inflammation is the immune system response to critter overgrowth. The critter causing the inflammation in both the liver and the arteries is Candida. Cholesterol drugs work because they kill Candida, not because they lower cholesterol.

How do I know this? Because, like the researchers below, I looked at the actual science rather than MSU. I took Petri dishes and plated them with Candida albicans. I then added either Mevacor, Lipitor, or Crestor to a dish. This is the ascending order of drug potency of these cholesterol lowering drugs: Mevacor is least potent, Lipitor is in the middle and Crestor has the highest potency. I used Diflucan, known to kill Candida, as a positive control. Water was used as the negative control.

When Candida overgrows in a petri dish, the dish appears white wherever there is yeast overgrowth. We see this appearance when yeast overgrows on the tongue (thrush) or in the vagina (vaginal yeast infection). If a substance kills Candida, it creates a clear circle called a “zone of inhibition”. This zone was created by Diflucan. It was also created by Mevacor. The zone was larger with Lipitor. It was largest with Crestor. The plate with water was completely white. These drugs are antifungals!

This is no surprise when you look at how these drugs were developed. Mevacor was first. Its generic name is “lovastatin”. Lovastatin is the chemical found in red yeast rice – a fermented rice product used in Chinese medicine since 800 A. D. The drug company Merck simply took an Intelligent Design creation and put a patent on it for commercial use. Info-maniacs can read more by Googling “The Origin of Statins“. Their efforts eventually failed but Merck attempted to have OTC products containing red yeast banned BECAUSE IT CONTAINED THEIR DRUG!

Obviously there is no cholesterol in rice. Why does it produce lovastatin in response to exposure to yeast? It’s the same reason purple grapes produce resveratrol. Same reason jalapeños are hot. Same reason for the pleasant taste of black seed oil. Plants make chemicals to protect themselves from yeast overgrowth. This is how they have survived for billions of years.

So if you have high cholesterol, it means you have an overgrowth of Candida albicans in your liver. Your immune system response to this overgrowth causes the overproduction of cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose (elevated blood sugar from breakdown of starch stored in liver), CRP, liver enzymes and more. This inflammation (on fire) can also spread to arteries to cause “heart attacks”, strokes, Alzheimer’s, cancer and most other western medical conditions.

How do you reverse inflammation and prevent these catastrophic consequences? Eat plants that are high in chemicals that kill fungus. I’ve laid it all out for you in the BALi Eating Plan. After experimenting with the cholesterol drugs, I did the same experiments using different foods to see which ones killed Candida best. This is the foundation of the BALi Eating Plan and the reason why it prevents/reverses any condition associated with chronic inflammation. Get the Simply BALi book. Use those recipes. Carry the BALi food list when you eat out or shop.


Did You Know?

Hot & cold Water Are Equally Effective In Removing Bacteria:

“According to Professor Schaffner, their results showed that even the amount of soap used did not show significant results, and the bland soap killed as much bacteria as the tested antimicrobial soap with 1 percent chloroxylenol formulation”.  Read the full article at:  http://www.techtimes.com/articles/208896/20170602/hot-cold-water-equally-effective-removing-bacteria.htm


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