Hormonal Factors Controlling Body Fat

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Three factors make the primary impact on whether you lose or gain weight. Think of these factors having a similar effect as interest rates on a car or home. Two people can buy homes listed at $100,000…one getting a 20% “loan” and the other 10% “loan”. (Family members loan you money. Banks sell it to you. Interest rates tell you how much you pay for money obtained from banks or other lenders). The math is not quite this simple, but for the purpose of illustration–you end up paying $120,000 for the 20% “loan” and $110,000 for the 10% loan. Your most important consideration when buying big ticket items or choosing credit cards is how much the creditor is charging you for money–the interest rate.

Same principle applies to weight management. How much fat your body makes depends on hormonal interest rates. Three hormonal factors control fat interest rates:

1) Insulin – Insulin is the hormone produced by the pancreas in response to what you eat, and drink. How much insulin is produced is determined by how much and how fast the food/drink makes your blood sugar rise, how long sugar stays in your bloodstream, and the volume of food that that occupies your stomach.

The number that tells you how much and how fast a food/drink makes your blood sugar levels rise is called the “glycemic index” (Glyco=sugar. Emic=blood as in “anemic” for “without blood”). Table sugar has a glycemic index of 100. In order to keep fat interest rates low, choose foods with a glycemic index of 55 or less. Even if a food or drink has “zero calories”, because artificial sweeteners taste sweeter than sugar, your pancreas will respond as if you’re eating sugar and produce more fat storing insulin. Diet Cokes, Pepsi and other “diet” soft drinks will keep you fat by making you produce more insulin and increasing your fat interest rates.

Competitive body builders use a weight loss strategy of eating 6 small meals/day rather than 3 large ones. The reason this works is because even taking in the exact same amount of calories, you raise your fat interest rates more with 3 large meals because of the pressure that volume of food puts on the stomach walls. The stomach walls have pressure receptors (baro receptors) that sense how much food you take in. The more food you take in, the more insulin you produce. By portioning your food intake into 6 small meals, you reduce your interest rates.

2) Estrogens – It’s not fair, but women have a harder time losing weight than men. This is because women naturally produce hormones that raise interest rates–estrogens. The teleological reason is to ensure there is excess calories to support a second life if a woman gets pregnant.

The most potent estrogen produced by humans is estradiol (men produce estrogens also, just not as much as women, normally). Estradiol is produced by the ovaries and adrenal glands. The increase production of estriol at puberty is what causes the morphological changes seen in women–increase in breast size, more fat deposition in thighs/hips.

The second most powerful estrogen is “estrone”. Estrone is produced by fat cells in the stomach. Teleologically, this is a backup system to ensure fat storage. The more stomach fat you have, the more estrone you will produce. This is the reason so many men have enlarged breasts. The fat deposition caused by insulin synergizes with the fat deposition caused by estrone.

3) The third hormonal influence controlling fat interest rates is “growth factors”. Growth factors are produced by the immune system during inflammation. Many of the cytokines produced during inflammation are catabolic (destroy tissue). Growth factors are “anabolic” (build new tissue). One tissue that growth factors make grow are fat cells. So, the more inflammation you have, the more growth factors you will produce, the higher your interest rates will be, the more fat you will store.

The BALi Eating Plan is your most powerful tool for lowering your fat interest rates because it points you towards foods that keep insulin levels low. This prevents estrone producing fat cells in your belly. The BALi Eating Plan also points you towards foods high in natural critter killers. If your critter levels are low, your immune system will not produce growth factors and other inflammatory cytokines. This is a post to share, print and save, especially you Jedi docs:

Eating ‘better’ is better than counting calories for weight loss, study finds

By KATIE KINDELAN Feb 22, 2018, 10:00 AM ET

“The takeaway is that the quality of what you eat is incredibly important,” she said. “You may or may not need to eat an 1,800-calorie diet, but what you need is a diet that is based on whole and minimally processed foods without an excess of added sugars, salts and saturated fats.”

Get the full article/story at http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/Wellness/eating-counting-calories-weight-loss-study-finds/story?id=53244303.



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