Hormonal Reasons We’re Fat

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We’re fat for 3 basic hormonal reasons…

One, is how much insulin we produce. The book “Why We Get Fat”, by Gary somebody, best documents the insulin connection. Insulin is the primary fat storage hormone.

Secondly, one role of estrogen in humans is to stimulate growth of more fat cells. This comes in particularly handy when you are preparing for or trying to sustain another life. Women are biologically programmed to produce more estrogen, and therefore are able to, for better or worse, convert calories to fat more efficiently than men. This mechanism efficiently perpetuates itself once fat cells are created; they then produce their own estrogen (estrone). This causes more fat cells, which then produce more estrone, which produces more fat cells.

The third hormonal consideration is growth factors produced by immune system cells during inflammation. The article below covers this in more depth than most of you need. The important thing to understand is that if you have chronic inflammation from critter overgrowth, you will produce more fat cells. These fat cells will also produce estrone as well as more inflammatory growth factors. A big key to weight loss is reducing inflammation by reducing your critter levels. Using the black seed oil and following the BALi Eating Plan is a simple way to get started. Black seed oil is a potent critter killer. Use a tablespoon 3 times/day. Dawn puts hers in a Gary Coleman* fruit juice.  I put mine in coffee, tea, or hot lemon water. The BALi Eating Plan will kill critters as well as lower your insulin levels. Weight loss will be easy if you follow this simple plan.

* fruits that are typically small, dark and bitter.



Gary Coleman Fruit


Read the full article Adipose Tissue:  Not Just Fat at http://themedicalbiochemistrypage.org/adipose-tissue.php#table

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