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Three primary hormonal influences must be addressed to achieve successful weight loss, long term. Insulin, estrogens and growth factors from inflammation are the primary hormonal influences. These are all addressed by following the BALi eating plan.  The Weight is Over program gives the transition a five-week jump-start by incorporating HCG, but long term success requires continuing to follow the BALi eating plan after the five week course.

Insulin is produced in response to sugar or the perception of sugar in or about to be in your blood stream.  How much, how fast, and the length of sugar exposure determines how much insulin is produced. The more insulin you produce, the more fat you will store. Important to drop the “calories in vs calories out” MSU taught by doctors, dietitians and personal trainers.  I was all three.  Zero calorie soft drinks with artificial sweeteners make you fat because they stimulate insulin production more than real sugar.  The “glycemic index” of a food will tell you how fast it turns to sugar.  There are smartphone apps.  “Low GI” is a good one.  Choose foods with a G. I. of 55 or lower.  How long sugar stays in your bloodstream depends on thyroid status, muscle mass and to a small degree, calorie expenditure (you’re not going to “walk off” that ice cream).  Thyroid hormone combines with insulin to get sugar out of the bloodstream and into cells to be burned inside mitochondria to produce energy. As thyroid levels decline (starts around age 27), you produce more insulin to compensate.  This causes overproduction of insulin and increased belly fat.  If your TSH is above 1.0, you’ll have trouble losing belly fat.

Belly fat cells produce an estrogen called “estrone”.  In general, estrogens stimulate the production of fat cells.  This is one reason why women are more prone to obesity.  Estrone is the body’s second most powerful estrogen and can be produced just as much in the belly fat of men as women.  This will cause men to grow boobs, experience sexual dysfunction, develop mood swings, develop Candida overgrowth, and increase prostate size.  The cycle becomes self-perpetuating as insulin makes more fat cells that produce estrone which makes more fat cells that produce more estrone.

The “perfect storm” for excess fat storage occurs when overproduction of insulin and estrone is accompanied by inflammation.  Inflammation is the response of the immune system to critter overgrowth.  Chemicals called cytokines cause the symptoms of inflammation.  A category of cytokines called “growth factors” have a similar “anabolic” action as estrogens in that they make cells multiply, especially fat cells.  Their purpose is to repair the destruction done to normal cells by destructive “catabolic” cytokines like tumor necrosis factor and metalloproteinases. However, if inflammation is chronic, growth factors will play a significant role in causing water retention and excess fat storage.

You gain control over fat storage by following BALi.  There is a reason the BALi Eating Plan is registered in the U. S. patent/trademark office.  The plan is based on the science of human physiology rather than the MSU normally given concerning weight loss.  Its inception came from my observation that I lost seven pounds in one week simply by moving to China and eating what Chinese people ate back in 1985. Getting off refined grains, soft drinks and sugar loaded foods automatically lowered my insulin production.  This made weight loss automatic.  There was no dieting, counting calories, measuring, or any of the MSU math we see done by westerners.  After discovering the link between Candida overgrowth and inflammation, I went into the lab at Physicians Preferred Lab here in Amarillo and started conducting experiments on foods to see which ones were best at killing Candida.  I continued these experiments at Meridian Valley Lab in Renton, WA while being associate director of the Tahoma Clinic with Jonathan Wright M. D. The items marked with an asterisk on the BALi food list have a higher potency at killing Candida.  Once Candida levels are reduced, inflammation stops and excess growth factors are no longer produced.

Baby steps.  The transition for myself took five years, longer than it took to get my black belt in Taekwando martial arts.  Start by getting rid of sweetened beverages, especially artificially sweetened ones. Start by adding foods, not subtracting.  Your brain hates deprivation and it has more willpower than you.  Start adding BALi foods.  Use BALi herbs/spices in your cooking.  Use coconut and olive oil. This will start reducing your Candida levels.  Much of your drive to overeat/food addiction comes from the fact that excess Candida will eat up blood sugar and make your brain think you are starving. Once Candida levels decline, your appetite will automatically reduce. You’ll automatically start making better food choices.  BALi is not a diet.  If you reintroduce foods that cause Candida overgrowth, you will become a food addict again.

Supplements like black seed oil can rapidly reduce your Candida levels and regular use helps keep Candida levels under control. However, the core of your weight maintenance program is the BALi Eating Plan or a program containing BALi elements like Paleo, Mediterranean, or Okinawan.  There are others. The names are irrelevant.  What matters is that the plan contains foods that have a low glycemic index and kill critters.

(MSU is a commonly used Robyism that typically stands for “make science up” or “make sh*t up”. “Critter” is commonly used to reference Candida yeast overgrowth and inflammation.)

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