Hypothyroidism In Pregnancy

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The first thing to do after pregnancy is diagnosed is to assess thyroid function. At the very least,this means getting a TSH. This Thyroid Stimulating Hormone test does not measure thyroid levels but a hormone that stimulates thyroid hormone production. Higher levels of TSH indicate low thyroid levels. TSH should be 1.0 or less. Low thyroid levels are associated with a wide range of mental illnesses,including those associated with infanticide. Low thyroid levels with pregnancy have wide ranging effects on mother and infant. Pregnancy induced weight gain, diabetes and high blood pressure are related to hypothyroidism. Thyroid hormone is critical for normal development of fetal organs,especially the brain,gut and heart. Even mildly low thyroid levels will result in lowered I. Q. scores. Progressive reductions in thyroid hormone result in more severe brain insults leading to autism,Down’s syndrome,and ultimately,cretinism. Poor gut development can result in deficiencies in production of serotonin and hydrochloric acid. The hydrochloric acid deficiency may be the explanation for vulnerabilities to viruses in childhood ,particularly Enteroviruses such as polio. There is a critical,initial 3 month window when the baby is not producing thyroid hormone and is totally dependent on the mother. In addition to TSH,a complete thyroid panel should be done. This should include:Free T3,Free T4,reverse T3,thyroid peroxidase antibody (TPO) and anti thyroid binding globulin. At the least,these values will serve as base line numbers in the event of postpartum conditions needing evaluation. They can also serve as base line values for future pregnancies. Even with a comprehensive lab assessment,evaluation of thyroid function is not complete without a detailed history and physical exam. There are classic physical/symptomatic manifestations of low thyroid. PMS and menstrual irregularities are red flags. Physiologically,the ideal time for pregnancy is between the teen years and age 25. After this,thyroid level start to decline. As women have chosen to delay pregnancy,we’ve seen an increase in pregnancy related conditions in mothers and infants. Conditions in children caused by low thyroid levels during pregnancy are often not reversible. For reasons that are unclear,no one is adequately evaluating pregnant women for hypothyroidism. It’s not because the knowledge is not there. The obstetric literature makes the importance of thyroid hormone in pregnancy very clear for those who care to read. This information is ignored. That has consequences.

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