Intelligent Design for Autoimmune Conditions

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When I mention Intelligent Design, I’m not asking you to believe that there is an automotive plant in Leipzig, Germany that assembles a carbon reinforced plastic Life Module, combines it with an aluminum drive module and adds an electrically turbo charged three cylinder engine that does 0-60 in 4.2 seconds while getting 40 miles/gallon. I’m saying that regardless of how the BMW i8 came to be, it’s marvelously functional because of a defined set of electronic and mechanical matrices. If you start replacing BMW i8 parts with Chevrolet parts, you’ll upset the Intelligent Design model and ruin the car.

It’s the same when I refer to Intelligent Design and human health. However the human body came to be, it’s inarguable that it’s an even more complex matrixing of electrochemical and biochemical components that are self-regulating. If you start replacing these components with Man-made components, you’ll upset Intelligent Design and ruin human health.

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and ankylosing spondylitis (AKS) are arthritic conditions caused by inflammation in the joints. Inflammation is the immune system’s response to critter overgrowth that can occur in isolated parts of the body, depending on your genetics. Conventional medicine will name these conditions of inflammation depending on the anatomical location. The “itis” suffix indicates inflammation as the underlying cause. Tonsillitis is inflammation in the tonsils. Pancreatitis is inflammation in the pancreas. However, regardless of where inflammation (on fire) is, the same “firemen” arrive (immune system cells) and they always show up with “water” (cytokines) to put out the inflammation. Doesn’t matter where the house is.

Understand that the objective of conventional medicine is to keep you from getting wet while the fire is being put out. Drugs used in autoimmune conditions like RA and AKS either reduce the number of firemen responding to the fire (steroids) or they block water. Disease Modifying Arthritic Drugs (DMARDs) are drugs such as Remicade and Embrel. This class of drug called monoclonal antibodies are designed to block the function of cytokines produced by the immune system – interrupt Intelligent Design. It’s the same principle used when you give Tylenol to reduce fever or take ibuprofen for pain. These drugs simply target different cytokines.

You can’t pee in just one end of the pool. When you put a DMARD into your system, it goes to every part of your body. It effects cytokine production in every part of your body. On a good day, you have ten times more bacteria alone in your body than human cells. This does not include viruses and fungi. Your immune system uses cytokines to keep these critters in check and prevent the evolution of cancer cells. By introducing DMARDs, you increase the risk of cancer and the overgrowth of critters that are normally kept in check by immune system production of cytokines.

One of these ever present critters, the JC virus, hibernates in human brains. It’s kept in check by a competent immune system using cytokines. DMARDs inhibit the production of these cytokines and allow the JC virus to multiply. This causes a disease called Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy (progressive like flowing lava; multifocal like freckles or spots of mold on bread; leuko = white; encephalo = brain; pathy = disease). PML is a progressive destruction of the white matter {nerve cells) of the brain. PML turns your brain into oatmeal. Before DMARDs, we only saw PML in patients with severe immune system compromise, like AIDS patients. Now, it’s becoming more common.

So, what protocol would be in line with Intelligent Design? The Intelligent Design model dictates that you simply replace what Intelligent Design had in place if it’s missing and remove anything not in the Intelligent Design model. If the oil light comes on in the i8, there is only one appropriate Intelligent Design response: add/replace oil. If there is a nail in the tire, it’s to be removed.

The problem with autoimmune conditions is that there are critters present that are in numbers inconsistent with Intelligent Design. These are usually critters like Candida that are actually part of the Intelligent Design model when in small numbers and confined to the large intestine. You want air in your tires but over inflation will ruin your tires. The objective is to reduce the number of critters by replacing Intelligent Design mechanisms. There are three key components to address. This strategy will work with any autoimmune condition or other conditions caused by chronic inflammation just as water works for every house fire:

1) Replace hydrochloric acid – Stomach production of hydrochloric acid is how we normally keep Candida from moving to places other than the large intestines. Every time you eat, it’s a dinner bell for Candida like a picnic is for ants/flies. Your stomach cells produce enough hydrochloric acid to create an acid concentration (pH) three million times that of your normal blood pH. That’s an acid concentration strong enough to dissolve nails. This kills not only Candida, but also bacteria that cause food poisoning and enteroviruses such as the polio and D68 viruses. I call it the “Passover molecule” because people producing enough hydrochloric acid are the ones who survive plagues like swine flu epidemics and polio. The blood test reflecting hydrochloric acid status is MCV – mean corpuscular volume. This measures the size of red blood cells. An MCV above 85 should trigger further evaluation for inadequate production of hydrochloric acid.

2) Optimize thyroid function – Thyroid hormone is what makes us “warm blooded”. Thyroid hormone combines with your blood sugar and oxygen to create energy just as spark plugs combine with gasoline and oxygen to create energy, or just as a match combines with wood and oxygen to create energy/heat in a fireplace. A side effect of energy creation is heat. The heat created from this reaction should keep our core temperature around 98.6 degrees. It’s important to maintain this temperature for the same reason it’s important to keep food on a buffet line ata certain temperature. If food temperature goes down on the buffet line, critters overgrow and you get sick. If body temperature goes down, critters overgrow and you get sick. Again, depending on your genetics, critters can overgrow in one specific area. This is where inflammation will happen. The blood test for thyroid assessment is TSH. It should be 1.0 or less. A better way to assess thyroid function is the use of infrared technology (FLIR 1 infrared cameras). These cameras that attach to your smart phone will show if body temperature is below normal. Every practitioner should have one of these.


3) BALI Eating Plan – The name is flexible. The concept is not. Whether you choose BALi, Paleo, Mediterranean, blood type, etc, what’s non-negotiable for the Intelligent Design model is that you choose foods/drinks that kill critters and keep blood sugar/insulin low. The basic BALi is following the food list I developed from lab experiments comparing foods for their ability to kill Candida. If you’re trying to get well, complement BALi with a powerful critter killing supplement like black seed oil.

If you’re trying to get well, it’s best that you consult with someone who understands or is at least open to the principles of Intelligent Design. Some things have to be orchestrated in a specific way to optimize healing and avoid self-harm.


“Roby Mitchell I do BALi and was able to eliminate DMARD’s for RA and AKS.  BALi eating also helped heal my adrenals!  I do not have to take prescriptions and love it!  I take your black seed oil and love the results. Not to fond of the taste.  I will have to try using to blast. I do use black seed packs if I have an occasional flare. As long as I stay BALi they are few and far between.  Thank you for all you do.”


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