Intelligent Design Medicine & The Anti-Vaccine Movement

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Nico LaHood

Nico LaHood is the district attorney in San Antonio. I came across a Facebook post he had authored about his son and autism and saw his interview by the Vaxxed team. We’re cut from the same cloth. We were both asked to speak at The Truth about Cancer Conference last Summer. We met and have been like family since.

My initial involvement with Intelligent Design medicine dealt mostly with bio-identical hormone replacement for menopausal and peri-menopausal women. I didn’t see children. However, even in medical school, no one talked about autism. It didn’t exist. The women I had treated made me aware of the condition showing up in their grand-kids who had been vaccinated.

Like Nico, I’m extremely analytical, dispassionate and undeterred when it comes truth. I graduated from Texas Tech University School of Medicine with honors after being selected to be the first student to do their M. D. Ph. D. program. I know how to read. I also know how to dissect scientific data. I do what I do currently because most of medicine practice today stems from MSU (“Make science up” for some. “Make shit up” if you were a Marine).

Vaccines are based on MSU. The overwhelming majority of success we’ve had in eradicating communicable viral diseases has come simply from improved hygiene. Hand washing, access to clean water and disinfected indoor plumbing are the mechanisms that have eliminated outbreaks of cholera (eradicated, but no vaccine for it) and other plagues.

Two critical pieces of information are absent from discussions about vaccines. One, is that viruses don’t produce a toxin. The other is that symptoms from diseases like polio, measles, viral meningitis, mumps etc. are caused by chemicals produced by the immune system, not the viruses. This means that if an enterovirus similar to polio (D68) gets into spinal nerves, the exact same immune system response will cause the exact same type of paralysis we saw with polio. This is exactly what is happening with a “new” condition labeled “acute flaccid paralysis”. It’s polio by another name.

Vaccines are a commercial enterprise that garner billion$ upon billion$ of dollars for drug companies. They are a goldmine. This is especially true because vaccines don’t go through the testing procedure like other drugs and vaccine makers have no liability. If there are vaccine injuries, you and I pay for them in tax dollars through the Vaccine Injury Court system. This is the reason there is such strong misinformation about them causing autism, seizures, sudden infant death and other conditions we didn’t see in medicine prior to initiating the massive vaccine schedule we have today. Your children are being sacrificed for corporate profits.

These viruses are not new. They have existed as long as man has been on Earth. Obviously, man has survived them all prior to the development of vaccines. This means there must be Intelligent Design mechanisms in place that defend against these critters. Otherwise, man would never have survived. I lay out these mechanisms in my “Passover Protocol”. Follow that plan and there will be no need for exposing your child to the very obvious injuries caused by vaccines.


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