The Intelligent Design of Stomach Acid in Fighting Viruses

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Most people never know they have viruses like Zika, polio, flu viruses, West Nile, or the universally fatal JC virus that is currently present in your brain (Don’t worry about it unless you’re taking Enbrel, Remicade or some other drug to treat an autoimmune condition). This is because we have several Intelligent Design mechanisms that destroy viruses and other critters before they get to numbers that cause the immune system to overproduce chemicals that cause severe reactions.

The polio virus does not cause the paralyzing disease known as poliomyelitis. Ask any proponent of vaccines to name the toxin produced by the virus to cause polio and you’ll get a blank stare. Here’s what happens. They polio virus is in the genus of viruses called “enteroviruses” (entro=gut), so called because they gain access to the gut via an oral/fecal route. Transmission of these viruses has been primarily obviated via hand washing and other forms of hygiene, not vaccines.

There are 70 or so enteroviruses associated with diseases. Polio is one. Another is aseptic meningitis, a viral infection of the tissue covering the brain. Hand, foot and mouth disease is caused by another enterovirus, Cocksackie. Type I diabetes is caused by an enterovirus.

The diseases are caused, not by the viruses, but by the immune system reaction to the viruses. Viruses must infect cells in order to reproduce. When the immune system attempts to attack, and kill the virus, normal tissue may also be destroyed. In the case of the polio virus, the hideout is tissue covering nerve cells called the “myelin sheath”. This tissue is analogous to the covering of an electrical wire and allows nerve cells to transmit signals that allow muscles to move. Paralysis occurs when the immune system destroys the myelin sheath in an attempt to destroy the virus. Similarly, insulin producing cells in the pancreas get destroyed when immune cells attempt to destroy the enterovirus that infects pancreatic cells. The BCG vaccine temporarily cures Type I diabetes (and some cancers) because it causes a hyper-stimulation of the immune system that destroys the virus. This allows regrowth of new insulin producing cells.

What does all this have to do with plantar warts? The before/after showing resolution of the plantar warts shows that the virus is killed by using a dilute solution of hydrochloric acid (I Mist You spray). This is the same Intelligent Design chemical normally produced by your stomach. It increases the pH of your stomach to 3 million times that of the pH in your arteries. This level of acidity destroys the polio, Cocksakie, D68 (acute flaccid paralysis, another name for polio) and other enteroviruses before you even know they are present. Children born not producing adequate hydrochloric acid have an increased vulnerability to having one of these viruses spread to a tissue where they take up residence. The disease is caused by the immune system attack on these tissues in an attempt to destroy the virus.


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