Lost Your Macho Mojo?

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Hormone replacement therapy is something we normally associate with menopause in females. There is a gradual decline in hormones with age in both sexes. However, the decline is associated with more bothersome symptoms (night sweats, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, mood changes) in females. Hormone replacement or substitution (Hormones are produced by living tissues called glands. Molecules not produced by these glands are not true hormones, but hormone substitutes) have been used to address these symptoms.

Men also have symptoms of hormonal decline. Male symptoms of hormonal decline, while more subtle, still lead to similar effects on overall health and vitality. Men and women produce the exact same hormones, albeit in different quantities. Men produce estrogens; women usually produce more. This accounts for much of the physical and mental disparities in men and women. Estrogens improve production of the memory chemical, acetylcholine. For this reason, women will remember more and in more detail than men. Estrogens make fat cells multiply. Women will typically have a higher percent body fat than men.

Men usually produce more testosterone than women. Testosterone stimulates growth/repair of structural tissues such as bone, ligaments, collagen and muscle. Testosterone drives the libido in both sexes. For men, the conversion of testosterone into estrogen is an important part of brain health. Men with low testosterone are more likely to develop Alzheimer’s. Because testosterone is involved in so many functions, when levels decline there can be a wide variety of symptoms. These symptoms comprise what is now called male menopause or man-o-pause.

Symptoms of male menopause include:

  • low sex drive
  • erectile dysfunction
  • depression/moodiness
  • rage episodes
  • reduced muscle mass with increased breast fat (gynecomastia)
  • loss of initiative
  • memory loss

As testosterone levels go down, we also see an increase in prostate cancer. These symptoms are reversed when natural testosterone is replaced. Testosterone levels in men and women can be checked using blood or saliva testing. The field of medicine dealing with hormones, endocrinology, started with the observance that libido and vitality could be restored by drinking a broth made from the testicles of bulls. This led to the discovery that the glands of animals contained the hormones made by that gland. This later lead to the use of dried thyroid gland from pigs (Armour Thyroid) to treat people who were low on thyroid. Super Macho contains a blend of bull testicles with other energy factors designed to restore vitality. Super Macho can be combined with DHEA for maximal effect.

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