Love Story 1

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It took me getting divorced and into my mid 30’s before I even knew there were rules to successful relationships. That’s just not part of not just school curriculums,its not part of most family narratives. Most of our relationship behavior is borne out of MSU from media,parents,friends,religion etc. That predicts a high relationship failure rate. I went through several courses so i would at least be aware of the rules to the game. So,I recognize them when I see them. When I see successful relationships,where both parties are happy,I know that does not happen by accident. As men,relationships are not usually our primary focus in our youth. We are usually more focused on carving out a niche in the economic pecking order. That happens many times at the expense of our health and relationships. In order for that not to happen,you have to have a plan for it not to happen.

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