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Erectile dysfunction (ED) was not something that was discussed very much until the little blue pills came out. Now, hearing about 4-hour erections is hard to miss (Warning: I will take every opportunity to triple my double entendres. So, if the topic of sex, words like penis, or really bad puns make you uncomfortable, stop reading now.)

Even in the doctor’s office, the topic of erectile dysfunction is usually not one that just pops up. Many times, men will bring up every other issue, and I don’t find out the real reason they are here until the very end of the visit. This is one reason I put the Low Testosterone symptom profile on my website. Men don’t talk about this because they have no way of knowing what causes it or what the solutions are. ED should not be taken lying down (trust me, it will get worse), because it’s an early warning for blood vessel disease that could later lead to “heart attack”(hearts don’t attack), strokes, and dementia.

In order to understand what to do for ED, it’s first important to understand the basics of how an erect penis happens. Normally, when a man’s brain gets a sexual cue, a biochemical domino effect happens that starts in the brain. An old Woody Allen movie, “Everything You wanted to Know about Sex….”, takes you step by step. Like with food, the brain does not distinguish between pictures and the real thing. Pictures of food on TV or in magazines will cause your brain to send signals to start producing insulin in the pancreas and saliva in your mouth. Sexual cues cause the brain to produce chemicals that increase blood flow to the penis. This chemical message is sent through nerves that track down through the spinal cord into the penis prostate region. Accidents or surgery that damage the spinal cord or nerves in the genital area (prostate surgery) can cause ED. Diseases that affect nerve health like MS or diabetes can also cause ED. Once there is increased blood flow to the penis, this is sensed by cells that line the walls of the large arteries that run the length of the penis. These cells then produce a chemical called “nitric oxide”. Nitric oxide is the chemical the body uses to make arteries expand. Increased blood flow and expansion of the arteries allows the penis to inflate similar to the way a car tire inflates with air. In a tire, a one-way valve keeps air from escaping. In the penis, the escape route for blood is through the penile veins. When the arteries swell, this shuts off the escape route through the veins.

Testosterone controls the production of chemicals in the brain. If testosterone levels are low, men are not aroused by sexual images, real or artificial. Or, they may need more sexual stimulation than was required in the past. Doctors can test men for low testosterone. Levels start declining around age 40 more or less depending on what a man eats. Foods that cause belly fat contribute to ED because fat cells produce the estrogen “estrone”. Estrogens inhibit testosterone. If testosterone levels are low, men can start by taking the over-the-counter supplement “DHEA“. DHEA is a hormone the body naturally produces that converts into small amounts of testosterone. For some, this may be all that is needed. Others will have levels so low it will require prescription testosterone. Testosterone does not help you produce nitric oxide. You can have good levels of testosterone, but without adequate nitric oxide, it’s like pumping air into a tire with a hole in it. Nitric oxide gets destroyed quickly after it is released from the cells in the arteries. If those cells are healthy, more will be made and an erection can be maintained. If nitric oxide production is low, erections will not stand the test of time, so to speak. Erections will be weak and may not be suitable for sustained intercourse or even for penetration. Healthy arteries are maintained by what you put in your body. A diet heavy in sugar and grains will make you walk with a limp. These foods cause the overgrowth of yeast which can accumulate in blood vessels and cause damage to the cells that make nitric oxide. This damage is reversed by eating foods that kill yeast in the arteries. These foods will restore the health of cells in not only the penis, but also the brain and heart–a “heart on”, if you will.

Pills like Viagra and Cialis provide symptomatic relief of ED by preventing the destruction of nitric oxide. They do not, however address the root cause of the problem of artery disease so they won’t prevent “heart attacks”(heart don’t attack) or strokes.

Purple foods such as beets, purple cabbage, black grapes, and blood oranges are great for restoring blood vessel health. The second picture below is a good recipe to get you up in the morning. Acai juice comes from a tropical fruit that is loaded with yeast killing chemicals. Red produce is also good to make a stiff drink. Cranberries, red chard, and tomatoes are good to throw into the mix. Recently, I have started adding purple carrots. Produce in the onion/garlic family are champion yeast killers (most of you will not get that reference). Throwing in a clove of garlic will also help to lower cholesterol by killing yeast in the liver. You don’t want to defeat the purpose of juicing by adding a lot of high sugar fruits like apples, oranges, pineapples, watermelon, etc. Stick with BALi Gary Coleman fruits (The “A” in BALi stands for “antifungal”). That’s the erection report. Hope it gives you a hard time.

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Gary Coleman fruits is a Robyism for fruits that are typically small, dark and bitter.

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