Measles & Viral Infections

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There’s lots of fretting over measles, a mild viral infection that kept the Brady Bunch kids home from school. There was no hysteria about measles when I was growing up. You got a rash, a mild fever, got over it, then went back to school.

CI-measlesYou also have to figure that the measles and other viruses have been around for a while. Since everyone is breathing the same air and most people don’t get sick from most airborne viruses, there must be some Intelligent Design mechanisms that are present in some people and not in others. Swimming pools are not a danger if your child knows how to swim.

One of the most important mechanisms protecting against viral infections is vitamin A. Viruses can’t replicate on their own. In order to multiply, they must get inside your cells and use your cellular DNA as a viral copy machine. After making millions of copies, these new viruses spill into your blood stream. Your immune system response to these viruses (cytokine storm) is what causes the fever, rash, malaise, sore throat, runny nose, sneezing, etc. Viruses don’t produce a toxin themselves. If they did, everyone would get symptoms similar to how everyone would get sick from a rattlesnake bite.

So, it makes sense to take something that prevents viruses from entering cells just as you deadbolt doors to prevent burglars from entering your home. Vitamin A “deadbolts” cell membranes and prevents viruses from entering. If the virus can’t get inside cells, it’s eventually destroyed by other immune system players like cathelicidins from vitamin D.

vitamin a foods

You get therapeutic levels of vitamin A by eating lots of produce that is dark green, red, yellow and orange. Leafy greens, pumpkin (Not lattes), mangoes, bell peppers, sweet potatoes are just a few examples. These plants contain chemicals called carotenoids that your body will convert into to carotenoids, if you have adequate thyroid hormone.

If there is a viral infection-400,000 iu of vitamin A (not beta carotene) will abort the infection. Good news with measles, in addition to getting out of school, is that getting the infection gives a lifetime of immunity not provided by a vaccine.



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