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Should you make reservations? Check your TSH and hemoglobin A1c. Like most all western medical conditions, Alzheimer’s is a consequence of long-term inflammation. Inflammation is caused by the immune system’s response to critter overgrowth. The immune cell soldiers produce weapons of mass destruction called “cytokines”. The cytokines, while aimed at critters, can also cause “collateral damage” to normal cells.

In the brain, there are cells that produce acetylcholine (ACTH). ACTH is like camera film or data cards that store images. You are able to reach your hand into your pocket and distinguish, simply by feel, the denomination of different coins. You can tell when bacon is cooking. You remember the name of your first-grade teacher. You can’t remember when the Eagles won a Super Bowl because that has never happened 😝. This all possible because that information is stored on molecules of acetylcholine.

Imagine, however, if you were filming an important event and Jodi forgot to load the data card into your camera😁. The images are being witnessed by the lens–there is sensory input–but you can’t download those images because they were not captured and stored. Persons with dementia will ask the same questions over and over and over because they are no longer able to store information.

Once the process of inflammation destroys 80% of the cells that produce ACTH, we see Alzheimer’s. The symptoms of loss of function in these cells starts to appear as early as your late 30’s. You start forgetting things like why you opened the refrigerator, why you came into a room, or you can’t recall words mid-sentence you should be familiar with. This is termed “Age Related Memory Decline” or ARMD.

ARMD is reversible if you arrest brain inflammation. This starts with changing the way you eat so as to lower blood sugar levels and kill critters. This is accomplished with the BALi Eating Plan. If your hemoglobin A1c is above 5.2, your blood sugar is high enough to support critter overgrowth and inflammation. Supplements like black seed oil help keep critter levels down, but what you eat is the most important determinant of blood sugar and critter levels.

Thyroid hormone helps keep blood sugar under control. As thyroid levels go down, blood sugar and critter levels go up, causing inflammation. TSH is the lab value that reflects your thyroid status. As TSH levels go UP, it indicates thyroid levels are going DOWN. A TSH above 1.0 is a red flag for low thyroid levels. The actual diagnosis of hypothyroidism can be made by someone trained to interpret the physical signs (what you say) and symptoms (what I see). It’s not rocket science. People who went to A&M can be taught to do it. If thyroid levels are low, you should work with a coach to find the right level of thyroid hormone replacement. Best not to take this on yourself.

The economic plan is to fill these long-term care facilities with people who get diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The epidemic will be in the wake of the epidemic of type 2 diabetes. They are preparing a place for you.


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