MTHFR Gene Mutation

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The important thing to understand about medical school is that we get taught little about human physiology. Just enough to understand how drugs screw it up to mask a symptom. We’re taught even less about nutrition. Ignorance is the root cause of MSU.

Exact same outcomes with folate or folic acid if adequate hydrochloric acid is provided. I know because we tested patients when I was associate director of the nation’s premier environmental medicine clinic, The Tahoma Clinic. Question was, why did this “genetic defect” start manifesting all of a sudden? It was not around when I was in Med school, and folate deficiency is easy to diagnose. So, we gave one set of those patients folate and the other folic acid, making sure both had adequate hydrochloric acid. Blood levels of folate did not differ in either group.

The MTHFR myth comes as a result of clinicians not understanding human physiology. The dramatic increase in asthma, allergies, skin conditions etc. that didn’t exist before is a consequence of women waiting until later in life to have children and doctors not diagnosing hypothyroidism. These children are born not producing enough hydrochloric acid. This results in nutritional deficiencies, critter overgrowth and conditions related to inflammation. Robynzyme is fine to take if MTHFR mutation is present because you get the requisite hydrochloric acid.



(MSU is a commonly used Robyism that typically stands for “make science up” or “make sh*t up”. “Critter” is commonly used to reference Candida yeast overgrowth and inflammation.)

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