Natural Critter Killers

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Vetericyn is available at veterinary supply stores like Gebos. Although it’s labeled for animal use, the exact same formula is sold labeled for humans – at a higher price, of course. This product, along with colloidal silver, can be safely used in eyes. Both kill viruses and bacteria.

OMG Nasal Spray was formulated in response to research done by ENT surgeons at Mayo Clinic. They found that 96% of the time, sinusitis is caused by an underlying, multi species fungal infection. Antibiotics do not kill fungi, but can actually perpetuate their overgrowth. There are no better experts at making non-toxic antifungals than plants. OMG Nasal spray is a combination of plant anti-fungals combined with xylitol. Xylitol acts as a decoy for fungi/bacteria to attach to rather than human cells.

Iodoral/Iodorx/Lugol’s are iodine/iodide supplements. These mineral moieties are in the same chemical class as chlorine-halogens. Halogens are powerful critter killers. This is why chlorine is put in swimming pools/municipal water, bromine is put into baked goods, and fluoride is put into dental products. Every cell in your body should have iodine or iodide “riding shotgun” to keep critters at bay. These products can also be used to treat infections, especially those involving the breast, prostate, lungs, and bladder. Good to pack Lugol’s in first aid kits as it can be used topically to disinfect cuts, scrapes, and other open wounds.

OMG Max is a homeopathic. These remedies are made by serially diluting a “mother” substance in conjunction with vigorous shaking (succussion). The result is a solution of water molecules that are vibrating at the same frequency as the original substance. The more the substance is diluted, the more water molecules you have vibrating at that frequency. This is why homeopathics get stronger the more diluted they are. The principle is similar to turning a paper clip into a magnet by continuously rubbing it with a magnet. The more paper clips magnetized, the more magnetic power.

Myself and an Atlanta ENT surgeon had both read the Mayo Research revealing that an immune system response to fungi is the primary cause of nasal problems. We collected the fungi they identified as being the most common culprits in sinusitis. We used the homeopathic methodology to transfer the vibrational frequency of the fungi to water molecules. When these water molecules are placed under your tongue, the immune system responds as if there is a fungal invasion. This is the same concept used with allergy injections. World respected allergist Maalouf Abraham M. D., along with others, proved that it’s as effective to give sublingual drops as it is to give shots. I studied under Dr. Abraham (Canadian, TX) during my residency. The OMG Max drops are designed to help your body be resistant to fungi that cause seasonal allergies/hay fever.

OMG BVF is an all-purpose, natural disinfectant. It can be used as a throat spray (viral or bacterial) or it can be sprayed on skin. Avoid contact with eyes. It can also be used topically on humans or pets to prevent critters from attaching in the first place. BVF spray can be used for athlete’s feet or as an odor preventative for athletic shoes.


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