What You Need to Know About Heart Disease

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Even most cardiologists (heart doctors) don’t understand that the problem is artery disease, not heart. The best article covering this is 2002 article written in the magazine, Scientific American. It describes the process chronic inflammation has on deteriorating the walls of arteries and leading to a blood clot that cuts off blood and oxygen to the heart. This leads to a condition called ventricular fibrillation, which is basically a heart seizure. This condition prevents adequate blood flow to the brain. This is the cause of death in a “heart attack”.

Think of hallways in a high school as your arteries. Conventional thinking is that the hallway gets packed with more and more kids similar to how a drain pipe gets clogged. Not what happens. Picture more and more kids getting jammed into a classroom until the door bursts open and suddenly the hallway is blocked with kids. It’s inflammation INSIDE the walls of the arteries that is the problem, not clogged arteries. The exact same process happens in arteries in the brain to cause a stroke.

Preventing these catastrophic events involves what I speak on regularly, preventing inflammation. Can’t clean the pool one section at a time, so the process that cleans out your liver, also cleans out your arteries and brain. Keeping your critters under control is key. If critters overgrow, your immune system responds with inflammatory cytokines. While these are aimed at critters, chronic inflammation can also destroy arteries, cartilage, skin, thyroid, liver, brain and other tissues. Your genetics determine where inflammation will “catch fire”. If it’s arteries, you’re at risk for “heart attack”/stroke. If it’s brain tissue–Alzheimer’s. Joints–rheumatoid arthritis. Thyroid–Hashimoto’s or Grave’s. Point is, they’re all smoke from the same fire, and prevention is basically the same for each condition. I cover the basics in my TTAC lecture. Follow that protocol and you don’t need to worry about any of the above consequences.

Women’s health advice: Everything you need to know about heart disease

By: Telegraph Video

Coronary heart disease is the biggest killer of people in the UK today. Usually perceived to be something that impacts ‘overweight, stressed out middle-aged men’, it is actually responsible for the deaths of more women each year – around 82,000 compared with 79,000 men.

Indeed, on average, one in 10 women dies as a result of coronary heart disease. And while some risk factors such as a positive family history or ageing cannot be avoided; maintaining a healthy body weight, being physically active and giving up smoking can all reduce your risk of developing the disease.

Read more and see the video from, leading medic Dr. Dawn Harper as she shares some facts and common misconceptions about coronary heart disease, discussing risk factors, treatment options and where to go for further advice.

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