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Looking at your tongue gives you an indication of if you’re not producing adequate hydrochloric acid. If you’re not producing adequate hydrochloric acid, Candida will overgrow. This will appear as a white film over the tongue. Candida produces toxins that weaken the immune system. This can manifest as mouth ulcers (Aphthous ulcers) most likely caused by viruses. Viral infections reflect compromise in immune system function. Bad breath is another manifestation created by critter fermentation of poorly digested food. Hydrochloric acid normally kills these bacteria and completely breaks down proteins in your meal.

Cracks/fissures in the tongue are caused by the decreased absorption of B vitamins. Absorption of B-12, folate and other B vitamins requires adequate production of hydrochloric acid. This inability to adequately absorb folate will manifest as MTHFR in people with a genetic mutation. Simply replacing hydrochloric acid addresses the problem. The B vitamin deficiencies, along with Candida overgrowth, can also cause fissures to develop on the corners of the mouth, angular cheilitis.

Your blood work can confirm if you are not producing adequate hydrochloric acid. Red blood cells require B-12. As the level of B-12 declines, red blood cells start to enlarge. The size of red blood cells is critical to their ability to deliver oxygen and iron. The measurement of the size of red cells is called “mean corpuscular volume” — MCV. Normally, MCV is around 85. If your MCV is 90 or above, the most likely cause is a deficiency of B-12 caused by inadequate production of hydrochloric acid. Robynzyme contains hydrochloric acid.

Robynzyme also contains B-12, folic acid and other B vitamins that become deficient. You can take Robynzyme if you have the MTHFR mutation because hydrochloric acid is being replaced. Good bacteria also require the highly acidic environment created by hydrochloric acid. Especially if you’ve taken antibiotics, a short-term course of acidophilus (means “acid loving”) will be helpful. Once hydrochloric acid is replaced, these bacteria will spontaneously reproduce.

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