Preemptive Strikes Against “Heart Attacks”

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I was lean and solid everywhere, like a rock. Still am. That’s mostly because as a 35-year-old diabetic ER doctor with high blood pressure, I had a 37-year-old come in with a “heart attack”. When it comes to “handwriting on the wall”, I’m a speed reader. I identify problems early on and make changes needed to prevent catastrophic events. I’m all about making preemptive strikes.

The deal is, hearts don’t attack. What happens is that years of a high grain/high sugar diet combined with hypothyroidism leads to chronic inflammation in arteries that supply the heart with blood and oxygen. At some point, this inflammatory process can result in a blood clot that chokes off the oxygen/blood supply to the heart. This sends the heart muscle into a seizure called “ventricular fibrillation”. In this state, the heart can’t contract strongly enough to get blood to the brain. You need the brain.

I ran enough “codes” (resuscitative efforts after the heart stops beating) and cracked open enough chests for cardiac massage at the V. A. Medical Center and emergency rooms at Northwest Texas and St. Anthony’s hospitals here in Amarillo to know that the best outcomes after a “heart attack” are bad. Damaged heart muscle can result in an aneurysm (boot in tire defect). This often necessitates a heart transplant. Heart muscle can be weakened such that fluid builds up on lungs (congestive heart failure). This also can lead to the need for a heart transplant. Sounds like sexy medicine. It ain’t. The lack of oxygen to the brain can lead to brain damage. Men develop depression after “heart attacks”. This often leads to suicide. Got your attention?

This is all preventable with simple diet changes. I made them. You can to. You’re irresponsible if you don’t. You’re not being responsible to your spouse. You’re not being responsible to your children. You’re not being responsible to your country (You thought Trump was politically incorrect).

I don’t post this to embarrass you or kiss my own ass. I post it because I was the one who had to go to the waiting room and face the wife and kids with the “We did all we could” speech. Many of you are family. Many of you are friends. I plan to keep being rowdy. Not ready to rowdy down. I’d like company.


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