You probably already have “Diabetes”

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By the time you get diagnosed with “high blood sugar”,you have had the condition that leads to diabetes for many years. High blood sugar is the last thing to happen,like when water boils. It was hot a long time before it boiled. The process start with declining levels of thyroid hormone. Like spark plugs in a car,thyroid hormone allows you to burn fuel. In cars,the fuel is gasoline. In humans,the fuel is sugar-glucose. As thyroid levels start going down around age 27,you become less efficient at burning sugar-your metabolism slows down. This unused sugar attracts germs like Candida yeast. Overgrowth of yeast causes the inflammation that can destroy cells in a variety of places in your body. If it happens to be your pancreas,you can lose the ability to control blood sugar. You don’t have to be very overweight to get diabetes,as the person below demonstrates. Most overweight people have a normal blood sugar test. The key is to learn to recognize early signs like swelling under the eyes, bright red spots on the skin,and skin that is tinted yellow in the palms and soles of feet. Your doctor can do a test called ‘hemoglobin A1C. This will detect elevated blood sugar years before it shows up on regular blood sugar testing.

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