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Question:  I have struggled with high blood pressure for 20 years. A year ago, I found BALi and have been 100% committed to it. During that time, my energy / clarity and focus are amazing. I have lost about 50 lbs. My blood pressure is still high even on medication, what am I missing? Here is where I am now.

-100% BALi
-B complex
-Vitamin C 1000mg
-Selenium Citrate 200mcg
-EcoThyro 250mg
-Vitamin D3 5000Iu
-IodoRX 12.5mg
-Potassium 99mg
-Adrenal Complex
-Black Seed Oil 1T morning and night
-Prescription Amlodipine 10Mg
-Prescription Losartan / HCT 100-25

I am ready to be off medication – please help me see where I am deficient.

Dr. Fitt: High blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol are what made me start studying Intelligent Design medicine. The drug for high blood pressure gave me so many side effects, it made me rethink why I had these conditions at age 35, but did not have them at 25.

What I came to realize is that these symptoms, and most other symptoms that are called “diseases”, are due to some imbalance in the Intelligent Design system. It’s similar to the oil light coming on in your car. The light itself is not the problem. You can cover up the light with duct tape. You won’t see the light anymore, but you have not addressed a serious problem.

I was first to do the M.D./Ph. D. program at Texas Tech University School of Medicine. The Ph. D., embarrassingly enough, was in cardiovascular pharmacology. I used arteries dissected from rat tails to study the effects of different concentrations of magnesium, potassium, calcium and arginine vasopressin on the relaxation and contraction of arteries. Magnesium and potassium relax blood vessels and lower blood pressure. I remembered this after having the reactions to being drugged.

Another chemical controlling blood pressure is nitric oxide. N. O. is produced by cells that line the inner walls of arteries. These cells form the body’s largest organ, the vascular endothelium (skin is second largest). Chronic inflammation can damage these cells such that they don’t produce enough N. O. This can lead to high blood pressure and erectile dysfunction (as the ability for the penis to maintain an erection also depends on constant production of N. O.). Production of N. O. requires energy supplied by thyroid hormone. Hypothyroidism also causes high blood pressure for this reason.

Energy from thyroid hormone is also required to produce hydrochloric acid by cells (parietal cells) lining your stomach. I’ve come to call hydrochloric acid the “Passover” molecule because if you are producing enough or taking a supplement that contains hydrochloric acid, you are protected from so many medical conditions. Hydrochloric acid kills bacteria, viruses and yeast/fungus. This is why 70% of people getting the polio virus never know they have it. This was the difference between the people who survived and the ones that died during the 1918 flu pandemic that killed thousands (Infomanics, read the book “Flu” by NYT reporter Gina Kolata). 

Hydrochloric acid also is required to absorb magnesium, potassium, iron, B vitamins and many other nutrients. Low production of hydrochloric acid is often responsible for what is called “failure to thrive”–a condition where children don’t grow normally in stature due to nutritional deficiencies. Low B 12 due to hydrochloric acid deficiency can cause a wide range of symptoms from low energy to nerve pain (neuropathy) to a condition mimicking Alzheimer’s. High blood pressure is caused if you’re not absorbing enough potassium and magnesium.
Soooooo, to address high blood pressure:

  1. Follow the BALi Eating Plan with a particular focus on foods that are black, purple and blue. These foods contain chemicals (proanthocyanidins/polyphenols/flavonols) that are especially effective at reducing inflammation in arteries. Black seed oil, eggplant, black/purple grapes, purple potatoes, red/purple cabbage, purple cauliflower are examples. You also want to get in low sugar juices like coconut water and low sodium tomato juice to get high levels of potassium (Not pills or bananas 😏).
  2. Have your TSH checked. It should be 1.0 or less. A higher number suggests hypothyroidism and not enough energy to produce hydrochloric acid and N. O. The higher your TSH is, the lower your thyroid levels are. Use an Intelligent Design thyroid replacement. The synthetic chemicals Synthroid and levothyroxine only contain the weak thyroid hormone T4. Intelligent Design thyroid hormone contains the most important thyroid hormone–T3. Armor Thyroid, Eco Thyroid, Westhroid, and Naturthroid are Intelligent Design thyroid hormone replacement.  To be continued. Have to go work out. Pray for me😅.  Ok, I’m back😅.
  3. Exercise. A building block of nitric oxide is oxygen. Regular exercise super saturates your blood with oxygen, thus allowing you to produce more N. O. To lower blood pressure and have stronger erections. You make think this does not apply as much to women. Not true. The clitoris in women is the anatomical analog of the penis (vaginal labia=scrotum in men. Prostate=uterus). N. O. improves orgasms in women. This is why Viagra is being used to treat anorgasmia in women. Exercise is cheaper.
  4. Add magnesium gel–Magnesium is hard to come by in foods. Also, if you take a high amount of magnesium orally, it can cause diarrhea. Applying magnesium gel to your skin delivers magnesium directly into your blood stream. This is why you should never put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t eat.

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