Q&A: Hydrochloric Acid and MTHFR Gene Mutation

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Question: Good Morning from Queensland, Australia! 😊 I’ve been keen to try Robynzymes, but went online last night & noticed it contains folic acid. I have homozygous C677T MTHFR gene mutation… is it safe for me to take? Thank you 😊 Have an awesome day!

Dr. Fitt: As the role of women in the workplace changed, more and more women put off having children until after age 25. This is around the time thyroid production peaks. Levels start declining around age 26-27. This is why you start to see athletic performance start to fade around this age.

Thyroid hormone plays a similar role to Spark Plugs in a car when it comes to producing energy. The universal energy equation is: Fuel + oxygen + Spark. For the campfires when I was a Boy Scout it was: wood + oxygen + sparks from a flint rock. For my ‘64 Ford Fairlane Chevy eater, it was gasoline + oxygen + Spark Plugs perfectly “gapped” under a shade tree on Saturday mornings. You must have all three components in order to produce energy. This is why you know those explosions in Star Wars are fake–no oxygen.

As thyroid levels decline, your ability to produce energy declines. One process that is highly energy dependent is production of hydrochloric acid by cells lining your stomach (parietal cells). Tiny molecular pumps in these cells split water (H2O) into H+ and -OH. The H+ is pumped into the stomach. The more H+ pumped in, the higher the acid concentration. Remember in the movie Titanic when they were about to hit the iceberg? Those guys down in the steam room went into high gear shoveling coal into the engines to create more energy to speed up the turn? That’s what should happen inside parietal cells each time you eat a meal. They have to create an acid concentration three-million times that of the acid concentration in your blood (Guyton’s Textbook of Human Physiology). That takes lots of energy.

When you have a pregnancy after age 26 and thyroid levels are in decline, this may create a deficit for the developing fetus. The fetus doesn’t start making thyroid hormone until 36 weeks into pregnancy. This is a critical embryological developmental window that few people involved in obstetrics understand. If there is a thyroid deficit for the fetus during this first trimester, IRREVERSIBLE DAMAGE can be done to the energy producing carburetors of human cells called “mitochondria”. The number and quality of your mitochondria will forever determine your ability to produce energy. The first thing to be done after pregnancy is confirmed, is to check the mother’s TSH. This should be kept at 1.0 or less throughout the pregnancy, at least.

There is a slew of medical conditions epidemic today, that did not exist when I went through medical school. We had zero classes on autism. Never heard of MTHFR. ADD/ADHD was barely on the radar. There was asthma, but it was not epidemic. Everyone ate gluten with no problem. These conditions along with mood disorders, skin rashes, multiple food allergies etc. are caused by inadequate production of hydrochloric acid caused intrauterine hypothyroidism. The MTHFR mutation has always existed. It just never manifested until there was inadequate production of hydrochloric acid. All of these conditions can be ameliorated by paying attention to Intelligent Design. Simply put back what the body is missing same as if a car was missing Spark Plugs.



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